Listen to the young

Listen to the young for they are wise
Seeing our world with fresh eyes
With eyes shining like morning dew
Seeing the silver light anew
If they say we should not harm the moon
Or the scales of a fish
We should listen to what they whisper
And to what they wish

If they say the earth is sacred
And enough is enough
We should trust their intuition
About what not to touch
Times are getting rough
We need all the guidance we can find
From far ahead or close behind
We should listen to their songs and their tears
Listen to their drumming and dreams and what they fear

We should take heed
And let them lead
Let them save the sea shells’ hidden whirls
Let them gaze at the heavens and save the world

– for greta –

Don Defenderfer has lived in Tasmania for over thirty years.  Over the years he has written numerous articles, mostly focusing on Tasmania’s unique natural environment. Recently his book TASMANIA an island dream was published. Don was involved with Landcare for many years where he served as the movement’s State Coordinator.

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