This poem was first published by Tasmanian and Port Dalrymple Advertiser on Wednesday, 23rd February 1825. The author is unknown.

Disappointed Love

Credula res amor est — Ovid. Met.
When the beamings of love had enraptur’d my breast,
A breast free from care and from sorrow ;
Suspicion unconscious ask calmly to rest,
On the ominous lap of to-morrow.
But Mary deceiv’d me, and flew from my arms,
And from this a kind lesson I’ll borrow ;
When Cupid again throws around me his charms,
l’ll bid him begone till to-morrow.
When tomorrow arrives, with the sternness of Jove,
And the coldness of icy December,
I’ll say to him, ” Cupid. I ne’er more can love,
Until I can cease to remember.
Until all remembrance for ever depart,
Of a being so faithless, oh ! never
Again can impression be made on this heart, a love which no mortal can sever.”
Alone and neglected, I’ll pine in the shade,
For I hate the gay world and its pleasures ;
Unknown in seclusion I’ll lay down my head,
Nor envy the miser his treasures.
The breezes of morning I’ll daily inhale,
Ere the sun shall have silver’d the billow ;
To yon list’ning mountains I’ll tell my sad tale,
And relate it again on my pillow.
When I’m dead, let a grave- stone be rear’d o’er my corse,
To relate the sad tale of my sorrow ;
Then sigh, ye sweet gales, for the sons of re- morse,
And your shadows, ye trees, let me borrow.
I ask but the pitying sigh while I live,
(For compassion’s a comfort in sorrow 😉
When dead, o’er the green mound which covers me, give,
A tear to my mem’ry to-morrow !

Disappointed Love. Tasmanian and Port Dalrymple Advertiser (Launceston, Tas. : 1825), 23rd February 1825, page 4. Retrieved 13th January 2020, from

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Disappointed Love