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Female Charms

This poem was first published by Colonial Advocate, and Tasmanian Monthly Review and Register on Friday, 5th May 1826. The author is unknown.

Bright shines the Sun at dawn of morn,
And brighter at the height of day ;
But when He nears the western wave,
On ! then his splendour fades away.
And so it is with female charms,
When life is young they brightly shine,
And bursting into native bloom,
Then lovely woman’s half divine.
But time will kill the fairest flow’r s,
The sun itself shall pass away,
And will wrinkle female charms,
But virtue never will decay.

“Female Charms”. Colonial Advocate, and Tasmanian Monthly Review and Register (Hobart Town, Tas. : 1828), 1st April 1828, page 38. Retrieved 11th November 2019, from https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/232997928