Christmas trees are a bit of a thing. They range from young trees poached from forests and plantations, plastic arbors of all sizes, cut trees sold legitimately and even modern artistic ones that don’t generate much merriment.

All of these options have their downsides. A bunch of dead trees littering the tip in January is not exactly a positive blessing for the New Year, is it? Plastic, mmm, that fresh scent of petrochemical polymers is not quite going to get you all Yuletidey.

Enter a solution that’s so obvious it’s amazing it hasn’t turned up here yet: rent an actual Xmas tree. Yes, a real, living tree. A pioneer in this space is the Living Christmas Tree Company in California.

Here’s how it works: you place an order for the size and type of tree you’d like and the friendly folks at LCT deliver it to your door. You get to keep it for 30 days. Then they pick it up and it goes back to the nursery to be loved for the rest of the year! They even have a range of different spruce and pine species to choose from.

Founder Scott Martin, aka Scotty Claus, used to deliver cut trees. He hated seeing them thrown away after the holiday was over. “People are very passionate about their tree,” said Scott. “Many had forgone getting trees because they didn’t want to cut one down and they’re not going to get a plastic one, so this is way that lets them share a childhood experience with their family.”

He says he likes the trees to find good homes. “Our goal is not just to rent a bunch of trees; we want to see them go on living!” he explained. Trees that are a little misshapen are sold as nursery stock or donated to local organisations that plant trees.

So there you go, budding entrepreneurs and elves of Tasmania. How about a rent a Xmas tree scheme with some of our beautiful native trees? The only rental schemes we’ve uncovered in Australia involve ‘lush, quality artificial Christmas Trees … they are fire retardant.’ Well, that’s something for the bushfire conscious, but …

No, live trees are lovely, graceful and simply beautiful. And they’d surely love a happy summer of Christmas memories and to keep our island green.

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