As families begin to relax and celebrate over Christmas and school holidays, children become at greater risk of injury. Paying attention to child safety is as important as ever.

During this time, many families will be on the road heading to holiday destinations, travelling to and from gatherings, spending time at the beach or in the pool, and trying out new gifts. Due to the excitement and busy nature of Christmas, it is important to be aware of the injury risks to children during this time of year. No-one wants to end up in the emergency department at Christmas with an injured child.

“The good news is that the majority of injuries that we see happening to children across Tasmania are preventable,” said Kidsafe Tas Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Branch-Allen. “There is a lot that we can do as parents and carers to watch out for our kids and protect them from injury during this busy Christmas period.”

To reduce the risk of injury to children, Kidsafe Tasmania recommends the following child safety tips.

Road Safety
  • Ensure all children are using a correctly-fitted child car restraint appropriate for their age and size.
  • Take care when travelling on busy roads during the holiday period.
  • Make sure children are always supervised near driveways, roads and footpaths.
Water Safety
  • Always actively supervise children within arm’s reach around any depth of water.
  • Never leave young children in the care of older children around water.
  • Check that pool fences and gates are in good working order and are never propped open.
Toy Safety
child safety

image courtesy Bluesguy from NY (Flickr)

If buying children skateboards, bicycles, or scooters, remember to also provide appropriate safety equipment such as helmets, wrist guards, and knee and elbow guards.

Choose toys that are suitable for children’s age and stage of development. Be aware of button batteries in toys, novelty items or decorations, and restrict access to these.

By following the above safety tips and ensuring there is always a responsible adult supervising children at gatherings, the risk of childhood injuries can be reduced.

“Together we can protect children from injury, and ensure that we all enjoy a safe and happy Christmas with our families,” said Mrs Branch-Allen.

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