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The Killing Times: the massacres of Aboriginal people Australia must confront

Special report: Shootings, poisonings and children driven off cliffs – this is a record of state-sanctioned slaughter …


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  1. Stephen Menadue

    March 6, 2019 at 11:43 am

    #1: I’m not sure if you are a hater of Christianity but to suggest the Indigenous people come under the wing of Muslim benefactors makes it sound like you are.

    There seems to be a tone in your comment that indicates you think the Indigenous of this country are whinging and suffering with the “poor me’s”. Am I right? If not, please educate me. Thanks.

    • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

      March 6, 2019 at 5:16 pm

      Sure thing Stephen. Thank you for your feedback and question.

      Firstly, no I am not a Christian ‘hater’, whatever that means.

      I did not suggest that Christianity could provide an aboriginal ‘rescue service’ from the clutches of the secular Humanist Ascendancy, partly because the colonial version of Christianity, while its ‘paternalism’ was spectacularly successful in say sub-Saharan Africa, it just didn’t make any headway at all in Australia, because the punters bluntly refused to leave the confines of their ancient past..and the memories of that are not good..and partly because post colonial Christianity has been so comprehensively smashed up by the deregulatory and privatization agendas of Indulgence Capitalism, it no longer has the ideological hitting power to even hang onto its existing constituencies, let alone build new ones.

      If there were a really hard nosed secularists-get-stuffed-black-suited Calvinist hellfire and damnation movement still extant, kicking goals and rebuilding a mass base, I would be more than happy to see it work its ideological magic rather than hard line Islam.

      What Islam offers, and Christianity doesn’t, is a fresh and mainly non Anglo-Saxon face with no colonial baggage, blessed with a sharp distaste and disapproval of white secular society as a whole (which aboriginals would really relate to); a movement completely comfortable with its pre-modern medieval traditionalist roots (traditionalism which aboriginals would like); a pre modern system of rule (some rules) that completely integrates moral and legal governance, which aboriginal society desperately needs to get out of the shit; that has the robust confidence of a religious movement whose colonial and semi colonial status largely largely insulated it from capitalism (which I think aboriginals would also like); and a movement that is still very pissed off with the post WW2 white democratic consensus that shafted their holy land rights in 1948, which aboriginals would really relate to.

      All this said, I am not try to suggest that Islam is going sweep through aboriginal communities any time soon, because they are in such mess, all they are really committed to at the moment, is their own dissolution.That can’t go on forever, but who knows? The point is, I am not making a prediction or even indicating a particular preference, so much as suggesting ANYTHING that can bring some order back to semi tribal outback and urban aboriginal society is going to be better than what is going on at the moment, under the thoroughly crappy auspices of the humanist ascendancy and its bureaucratic, pedagogical and ideological catspaws.

      Secondly, I have gone to considerable effort not to direct fire at aboriginals per se. I think they have lost control of themselves, have been fed a lot of very disempowering and dysfunctional baloney which isn’t in the least in their interests, which has been absolutely disastrous for them and caused a dreadful collapse in internal governance, both as communities and individuals. And I think their reactionary atavism and unwillingness to embrace modern times has been unscrupulously pandered to by forces that are not benign for them or anyone else.

      While I think all human beings have some responsibility for themselves and what becomes of them, my main target is their white and just off white (overwhelmingly racially European and modern educated ‘aboriginal identifying’ regime apparatchik ideological stooges) humanist sponsors, who have poisoned them with their deregulatory and privatization agenda and the endlessly damaging moral indulgence that comes with it. Empathy and compassion can be as venomous a tool as the more obviously less endearing qualities of human beings.

      If you had seen the moral tale I told in my first comment in any other context, you would very likely have unequivocally approved of it. But in the context of a critical discussion of the behavior and attitudes of aboriginals and their sponsors, all the ordinary moral bets come off as you automatically resorted to forms of ideological exceptionalism you would never countenance anywhere else. You have been trained and colonized up to your eyeballs.

      The ‘sorry story’ is not a myth because it is untrue, but because its ideological intent is a lie that empowers no one but the sponsors. The ‘sorry story’ paralyses its subjects in their own tragedy and reinforces the power of the narrative builders, their larger control of the means of social reproduction and administration and their continuing grip on the ‘aboriginal industry’, its fiscal play money and misere hand where excuses are trumps….and everything magically stays the same because it is everyone else’s fault until doomsday….which means it is never, never going to get any better.

      The social regime playbook we have all been exposed to over three generations now is a mirror image of the corporate one, as exemplified by the tobacco lobby, that was able to obfuscate, deny and mythologize the actual nature and consequences of its health destroying product in exactly the same way as its regime humanist ascendancy counterparts.have been able to do over an even more sustained period.

      And I think ‘The Ascendancy’ offers an ideological junk bond product that is much worse than anything that the tobacco lobby or Lehman Brothers ever cooked up. The tobacco lobby in end couldn’t nobble its critics, but the ascendancy could, and it did, to the extent that critical reasoning has been so systematically discredited, we cannot even repel the barefacedly spurious gobbledigook of the transgen lobby.

      Aboriginals are just the most wretched pawns, albeit willing ones in all this, and have paid very dearly for it. The transfer of power in the mid to late 1960s from the old ‘authoritarian’ paternalist regime to the new Ascendancy was a seamless libertarian baton change in the means of colonial administration and domination, and not just for aboriginals. And it wasn’t benign

  2. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    March 5, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    ‘If it were in my power, I would put my coat around you, offer you some warmth and whisper a re-assurance that even the worst wounds heal, eventually, leaving perhaps scars, aches that come and go, shrinking and dulling with time.

    Sometimes a successful life is having the courage to trust in hope over experience, having the determination to seize opportunity and never succumbing to the fear of what might happen, or the pity of things that have.

    You only get one chance at life. Death will take you soon enough. So in the meantime, be courageous, for you have nothing to lose but time and what you might have done with it.

    Regret and despair will cloy you to themselves and you will call them home. You will keep them in conscientious discomfort and treasure all their pains; each room a distressing memory, burnished, stored and lovingly pulled out for bitter private refreshment, or like rough vinegar, poured liberally for visitors…

    Only you can walk out on that. Just pack what you need for the road and leave.


    I do not for a moment deny the extremely unpleasant nature of aboriginal displacement from its ancient reverie, as the modern world crashed in on it. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant end to business-as-usual for anyone, except perhaps the Japanese, who managed to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and created a modern military industrial state within 50 years.

    But what I do vehemently question is both the legitimacy and intent of the ‘Sorry Story’ narrative being peddled by the mostly white humanist ascendency, which is all about them and their ideological and institutional hegemony, the maintenance of the status quo, and the continuing, indefinite and extremely disempowering enthrallment of their dependant ethnic pawns, whose overwhelming trajectory under their ‘sponsorship’ is down and out….which is why their ‘benefactors’ invest so much energy and time in obfuscationary academic makework like the above.

    The humanist ascendancy is not in the least benign. It is an integral part of the ruling class and its regime maintenance, that they manage alongside their corporate counterparts, as its social administration apparatchiks and an official orthodoxy that has more than a passing resemblance to the ‘Mother Church’ of an earlier time; i.e., the department of charitable good works, poor things, minorities and maintaining them exactly the way they are, in a state of dysfunctional and increasingly damaged paralysis that is everyone else’s fault except theirs and their official bloody sponsors.

    The terrible truth is that aboriginal communities would be better off if Muslim clerics were able to get in amongst them, convert, introduce Sharia law, demand direct control of their community’s share of the government’s aboriginal budget and piss off the current ‘aboriginal industry’ with a flea in its ear. It might not be a particularly pretty sight, but at least it would be a trajectory that might have some prospect of actually getting them out of the shit and moving somewhere that isn’t where they are going now, which is burial in the garbage heap of history!

    And the kiddies would be all ‘religiously’ going to their community madrassa to learn the Koran, to read and write, obedience, respect and wholesome values, or else; something that gets them out of the existential chaos and failure now engulfing them, with no present hope at all of something better. And they would end up worrying a great deal less about their sorry past and a great deal more about their salvation, as they salivate at the prospect of kicking some infidel liberal white and just-off-white arse. Very Nice.

    Regime inspired indulgent deregulation and privatization of the social system posing as freedom and human rights isn’t in aboriginal interest. It isn’t in anyone’s interests. It is a con made all the more vicious by pretending to be ‘liberating’ when it is actually nothing of the sort; quite the opposite.

    The race card that is being played here by this ascendency is nothing more than a noxious ideological conformity enforcement device designed not just to shut down real debate, but keep themselves comfortably in power, in stipends, fiscal play money and ideological perfume that conceals the awful stench of their corrupt regime.

    Questions anybody?

    • Wining Pom

      March 5, 2019 at 4:27 pm

      Question. Yes. Why haven’t you read Bruce Pascoe yet? It’s great to learn something.

  3. Mike

    March 4, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    I just laugh at the idiots who say it can’t happen here. It already has!

    On a per capita basis it was much worse than Nazi Germany.

    Our streets and towns are named after despots and we even have a library in Sandy Bay named after a Eugenicist.

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