Long-time environmental advocate Vica Bayley has today announced his candidacy for the Legislative Council division of Nelson, saying the time is right to seek the support of the community to take on a role in the Parliament and continue advocating for a better, fairer and more prosperous Tasmania.

A trained teacher and property valuer, Vica has lived in Nelson for 19 years and will prioritise progressing issues confronting residents, as well as the big challenges facing Tasmania – trust in our governance and climate change. To seek the views of Nelson voters, Vica is inviting residents to complete a survey about their own challenges and aspirations. The survey is available here.

“I’ve been an advocate for Tasmania for decades and I have worked directly with community, industry, independent experts and the Parliament to progress positive change and put a check on some of the most problematic developments that threatened our future prosperity,” said Vica.

“I’m very proud of those achievements and have learned much along the way: how to listen, negotiate, build agreement and achieve real outcomes. This is a record I can build upon in Tasmania’s Parliament.

“I’ve been an advocate for nature in Tasmania and I always will be. However, I care about so much more and want to take the skills, experience and community networks that I have developed and put them to positive use in a new, critically important place – the Upper House.

As part of the campaign Vica has articulated his vision for Nelson and its role in a resurgent Tasmania, committing to clear actions he will take to help achieve that vision. For more info on Vica and his values, vision and priorities visit www.vicabayley.info

“I’d like to see Nelson defined as a healthy, vibrant and connected community, but also one that’s helping Tasmania be its best in a new world of opportunity and challenge.

“That means working on the day to day challenges facing people – the health system, traffic congestion, housing and services and I strongly commit to doing that. But to make meaningful progress on these issues and secure our long term future, we need to deal with two overarching issues – reform the culture of secrecy and dishonesty in Government, and do our bit to address climate change.

Vica will step down from his role as Campaign Manager for the Wilderness Society and take leave to contest the election.