Insects dying is a current featured article in Tasmanian Times ( HERE ), it is not the only existential concern.

If you want some hope of a future  for your children you will not vote LNP in my opinion in the coming Federal election, or any other conservative group. The LNP will try to push the view they are being responsible in relation to climate change; official emission figures show otherwise.

The main matter that counts from my point of view is – climate change at the next election. If no strong policies are promoted by governments around the world, then ultimately humans and the biosphere are stuffed.

Australia has been a trend setter in the past, except the LNP are ruled by the extreme right and “innovation” is a dirty word. The LNP main policy is to line the pockets of their mates it seems; and blame Labor, blame Labor and blame Labor. The LNP have held government for 5 years, it gets a bit thin to blame Labor.

In relation to climate change the LNP seek to fire up the Oceans and atmosphere through promoting fossil fuels.

Climate change is no longer an academic projection into the future; we are witnessing horrendous events around Earth and in Australia.

Matters of concern that are happening:

. Warming Oceans, probably a more important matter than an unstable atmosphere.

. Insects dying.

. Bats dying through being unable to cope with heat.

. Birds dying.

. Soil fertility being reduced through industrial farming.

. Aquifers and other water resources diminishing.

. Increase in blue green algae.

. Kelp beds being lost.

. Deforestation.

. Biodiversity generally being reduced, above examples being a few of many.

. Sea level rise.

. Instability of ice sheets and glaciers in Antarctica, Greenland.

. Glacial breakdown generally.

. Severe erosion.

. Coral reefs breaking down.

. Permafrost thawing.

. Pingos exhausting methane in the Arctic.

. Wildfires.

. Extreme weather events causing loss of live stock and crops world wide.

To vote for the LNP is downright dangerous, Labor is more inclined to listen, and in the end hopefully act.

The Adani mine must not go ahead, nor extensions to other coal mines.

It will be Labor or the LNP which form the next Federal government.  Hopefully a good number of Independents and minor Parties will be elected, and Labor will form government.

Keith Antonysen has been researching climate science since the 1980s, at that time predictions were being promoted that would happen in the future. We are now beginning to witness the predictions forecaste in the past coming true.  Denier Agencies have been very successful in promoting pseudo science for many years; it is very clear that many decision makers are fooled by the pseudo science promoted; or, have been bought through large donations. Keith Antonysen believes we must fight against the greed shown by Fossil Fuel Corporations and self serving Politicians for the sake of up coming generations.