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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

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Tasmania’s 2019 bushfires leave world heritage area devastated – in pictures

Cushion plants. There are five species of cushion plant in alpine regions of Tasmania, four of which are endemic. They support the entire ecosystem, creating rich peaty soils and even narrow streams of water. Some can recover from fire, and may even support the recovery of woody plants. Photograph: Dan Broun

Pictures from Tasmania’s central plateau, shot by wilderness photographer Dan Broun, show the extraordinary damage wrought by more than a week of bushfires following lightning strikes in Australia’s southernmost state on 13 January. The world heritage area was home to a range of unique alpine flora including pencil pines, king billy pines and cushion plants, some more than 1,000 years old. Now more than 10,000ha of land has been incinerated, and ecologist say that, unlike eucalyptus trees, the ancient flora will not recover …


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  1. Mike Seabrook

    February 4, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    a few more dams and lakes would make fire management easier etc. etc. and seen townsville lately – also facilitate flood management. ( eg a hydro/tourism/recreational dam on the lower huon could flood proof the main street of huonville).

  2. Rob Halton

    February 2, 2019 at 10:22 pm

    William Boeder … what do you want from your local Rosebery Fire service volunteers? To undertake responsible regular fuel reduction or having them slaving on incessant wildfires? I don’t recall STT/FT having any escapes from reduction burns in recent years, do you?

    With that fire down at Renison the boys might need some help, so just slip down and serve them some drinks and sandwiches, as I am sure that by now that you are a model citizen on the West Coast.

    • William Boeder

      February 3, 2019 at 3:17 pm

      Robin, my evaluations and criticisms are aimed at the executive levels of the Tasmanian Fire Service, not at the volunteers in the Rosebery Volunteer Fire Services who provide their best for Roseberyfield and who give their utmost.

      One has to come to terms with the latest fact information released by those that know a great deal more than I do of the shortcomings of the head honchoes of Tasmania’s Fire Services, along with the severe fiscal constraints forced upon these same by the present Liberal leadership government.
      As for the attitude of the locals here in Rosebery, I retain my credibility along with the fact that my comments are written to portray the ‘on the ground facts’ for those that are unable to provide their viewpoint which incorporates a huge number of oldies and those others disinclined to engage in electronic correspondences.

      Be assured that I have nothing to personally gain nor expect to by proffering my personal comments to all the various forums I continue to engage with.
      Do please understand that my 16 plus years of reading all and every article relating to your former employer, I have not singled out any coal face employees as my targets, my targets have been the big-boys that called all the shots.

      During my time in Tasmania I have read of and can still recall all the negative actions initiated by the hierarchy of the former Forestry Tasmania.
      A lot of the former practices of that GBE, one could start with the secrecy surrounding a number of their non-legitimate undertakings, particularly when members of the public had announced their claims of bullying and intimidation directed to them personally.
      Claire Gilmour comes to mind and her battle to stave off the the bully-boys from the former Forestry Tasmania and that former reprehensible minister himself.

      Having the powers of retention to the many incidents occurring during my years in Tasmania, especially the abhorrent undertakings of the former logging minister Bryan “the Giggler” Green, he was the person that had provided the permit for the fumigation of a quantity of export logs close by the shores of this State that comprised of some rather deadly chemicals, close to or within the ports of this State.
      The history of the heinous undertakings, the lies spoken, the deceptions engaged in, by that former MP could become a book full of the negative evaluations by the observant citizens of Tasmania.
      To be continued/

    • William Boeder

      February 3, 2019 at 3:20 pm

      As for the Executive rank TFS persons, very little has been implemented arising from the 2016 Inquiry into the failures and fiasco’s of the fire fighting directions received from the people who called shots relating to the Dunally region fires.

      Then this same relating to the new strategies not yet undertaken even though called for in this same TFS 2016 inquiry that called for a new strategy to extinguish the fires in the WHA National Park, that has still not issued and placed on the public record, nor any other means to inform the Tasmanian people with these many persons having very serious concerns about the fire fighting strategies that had also failed during the 2016 WHA National Park fire incidents.

      I find that unless someone speaks up without any fears of retribution, a person that calls a spade a spade and unloads the facts, nothing will change for the better in Tasmania.
      Now Robin, you hold a great many favourable experiences of your numerous travels to locations in this State, not familiar to a great many people, and have spoken at length about the wonders of nature that have provided you with fond everlasting memories.
      I have experienced this same when I have visited the splendour of Tasmania’s Tarkine and of my entry into the WHA National Park and its Ancient flora that remains publicly accessible, so we are square on that particulat matter.

      Surely you would not like to hear of the destruction of your former visited locations? This same is applicable to myself.

      At the end of the day all of the negatives from Tasmania’s State government attitudes to bother about forest flora conservation in any meaningful manner, seemingly fails to exist.
      Fancy having all the boasted of equipment that Chris Arnol had claimed yet not having bothered to implement same to halt the Gell River commenced bushfire, with his so many boasted resources, left to fend for itself until some days later when that fire had become a real raging fire incident.
      One might consider the perspectives of the persons that are anti the logging of Tasmania’s many former HCV forest coupes that had been clearfelled to serve the up the logs to the increasingly unpopular TA Ann Berhad, they that had been permitted by a cabal of Tasmania’s no goodnik Exclusives, including an old colleague of yours in the name of Evan Rolley, then the pack of Tasmania’s more undesirables that knew not to seek beyond the true purpose of Ta Ann’s entry into our State.
      One might ask the total of the tax revenues paid into this State’s Treasury from the time of theTa Ann arrival, then compare that meagre amount to the State government Grants provided along with the subsidies gifted to this same internationally known corrupt business with its connections with the Taib Mahmud Dynasty of alleged treasonous undertakings.

    • William Boeder

      February 3, 2019 at 3:25 pm

      Do please understand Robin, many of my past comments have incorporatd links to support the claims I have put forward that confirm the allegations I have stated.
      This should do for now, other than there is very little mention of STT as being the wonderful all encompassing and wonderfully sustainable Timber supply GBE, other than a whole series of tawdry dealings that had incorporated the ultimate filching of MIS financial investor interests to create its new false fronted self.

      One clear point for every reader is that the Tasmanian Liberal government has comrehensibly failed to abide by the oath sworn by this mob of invumbent ministers before Tasmania’s State Governor of the day, to represent the people of Tasmania at all times hence.

      Unfortunately that is an established fact that has not been made public by Tasmania’s deceptively complicit mainstream media news services.
      The further issues relating to the TFS hierarchy are yet to be revealed, there ain’t gonna be much in the way of honest good news.

      Now I challenge any person that may choose to contradict my contentions claimed in this comment, that includes Mr Martin Fitch who has a history of defending the indefensible history of the logging contretemps in Tasmania, perhaps he could provide himself with far closer acquaintance to a copy of the Quentin Beresford authored book, The Rise and Fall of Gunns Ltd.
      This revelatory publication is supported with 43 pages of fact references to support the claims of infamy by the persons frequently mentioned throughout this particular publication.

      Now, one must consider my many years of determined research into the improper undertakings and of the former logging insanities engaged in for many years that paid no dividends into Tasmania’s Treasury for that prolonged period of years, “then to the facts of the many legitimately claimed burn-offs that escaped from the controls of this GBE’s fire fighting teams.”

      While one must not overlook my discussions with a number of well intentioned log truck drivers.

      So Robin If you would like to me to detail the the full monty about the evil exculpatory influences contributed by the former logging ministers from both Liberal and Labor party ministers, also how that action had impacted on Tasmania’s former Fire Services, then perhaps I could offer a series of the revealing undertakings conducted by the cabal of Tasmania’s Exclusives over the past say 15 years, stories of fact that will pour immeasurable quantities of poison onto those reprehensible persons themselves, particularly theallegations toward former Premier and the former Treasurer Michael Aird during the reign of Paul Lennon.

      For their deceptions and failures, either the former late Governor Mr Peter “Hollywood” Underwood, or even the traitorous John Howard had put through a recommendation for these 2 nefarious characters to receive a government medal to honour the conspicuous merit unknown to themselves.

      Despite all the necessary evidences that I had forwarded to the Order of Australia government office chief, that were necessary to quantify the numerous failings that should have dispelled all hint of any conspicuous merit held or contributed to Tasmania by either of these persons, even apart from the secret Commercial in Confidence undertakings relating to the conspiracy to sell the Hobart Airport, can only leave these same 2 alleged persons bereft of any whatsoever conspicious merits.


    • max

      February 3, 2019 at 7:38 pm

      Rob Halton … I could take you for a drive around the state and show you 10,000 ignition points for the next fires, fires that could continue the present fire season indefinitely. You have this mantra of burn, burn, burn. How big was the reduction burn this year where we have the biggest wild fires?

      If every stick and blade of grass was burn this Autumn, this time next year the fires will be back. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks but sooner or later the penny must tumble. We are now living in a new hot and dry Tasmania, and it’s called climate change, and if we refuse to change the old ways then nothing will be left to burn, including crops and pastures.

      From where I am sitting I overlook at least a thousand hectares of sparse trees with dry grass understory .. a nightmare waiting to happen. Should the farmer have burn the grass and starved his animals? This appears to be your only solution.

  3. William Boeder

    February 2, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Realise people please, the less of the no longer credible fuel reduction burns, the less of these burns can escape as often as they did under the failing stewardship of the logging entity preceding the latest non sustainable joke of an STT.

    Better for Tasmania would be a letter to the current DPIPWE portfolio incumbent MP, Guy Barnett, demanding that he and his imperilling Liberal party colleagues rule out any further unnecessary fire ignitions in our forests.

    The monies saved from this curse of a wildlife killing ecosystem ruinous now found to be a pointless strategy, the saved monies can be allocated to the purchase of water bombing aircraft to enable an immediate extinguishment of any threatening new outbreaks of fires in our remaining native forests forests and our TFS ignored WHA forests.

  4. Rob Halton

    February 2, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    On the ABC news last night PWS fire manager Paul Black said over the past year equipment had been updated and new staff were recruited to tackle long term fire danger!

    ” A lot of thinking has gone into some of the activities that we have been doing this fire season and this is probably the first time we’ve implemented a lot of these” he said!

    We’ll be developing a WHA Fire Management Plan over the next couple of years! REALLY!!!!!!!

    That is exactly what I have been saying for years now even prior to the Tasmanian Forest Agreement 2013 mess over Parks inability to satisfactorily manage Crown Land dedicated as Reserves as well as those more recent TFA gifts especially those of valuable State Forest much of which contained potential Production forest!

    Did Mr Black knowing that with changing seasonal conditions most likely to affect fire control ever consider an extensive fuel reduction program over the extensive moorland vegetation where burning has been absent for decades such as the Vale of Rasselas and the plains bordering the Huon track from the Picton River out as far as Junction Creek if not beyond to the SW!

    PWS organization as a land manager is the instigator of major fire hazards remaining active, has neither the know how nor the confidence to manage fire by the use of shoulder seasonal fuel reduction measures on a regular basis to lessen wildfire impacts within its own scope of overall responsibilities.

    Top levels within the organisation are not up to the job, the Minister Mr Hodgman at the end of this fire season, when ever that may be, needs to call for an inquiry over the obvious display of incompetence by Parks as to why they lack an overall WHA Fire Mangement Plan at this late stage.

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