The National Union of Students (NUS), with the backing of university presidents from across Australia,
is demanding A Future Worth Fighting For. In the lead up to the 2019 Federal Election, NUS will be
campaigning to have key student issues on the table.

NUS is fighting for a National Taskforce into sexual assault and harassment on campus, and the
inclusion of a real student voice on this taskforce. NUS demands real action on climate change, an
end to student poverty, and affordable accommodation for young people. Students are calling for a
fully-funded, equitable, and accessible post-secondary education. NUS will target its campaign on
these issues, presenting policy suggestions and highlighting where Australia needs to see change.

“The future for young people is looking increasingly bleak so we’re calling on the government to
implement positive policies for our future,” said NUS National President Desiree Cai. “Students
deserve action on these issues, we deserve to have a future worth fighting for.”

“Young people have had their voices ignored for far too long. It’s time for us to demand to be heard,
and in a federal election year, over 1 million students will be using their voice by casting their vote,”
said Ms Cai.

“Disparaging attitudes towards, and massive under-resourcing of, trades and technical industries has
seen enrolments in TAFE and other vocational education institutions plummet. This must change,”
said NUS National Education Officer Lachlan Barker.

“Student poverty rampant; 1 in 7 students regularly go without food because they can’t afford it. One
third of students have expenses that exceed their income, and 89% of students struggle to afford
essential study items. This is not good enough. We want to see a raise in student income support and
a fight against income inequality” said NUS National Welfare Officer Adriana Malavisi.

The situation for students is dire; as we head into the new academic year, hundreds of students will
be sexually assaulted in their first week at university.” Said NUS National Women’s Officer Sarah
Tynan. “Universities are not taking this problem seriously. We demand action, we demand an
independent, accountable National Taskforce that works with students to address this national crisis.”
NUS will be present at university orientation days across the country, advertising the first phases of
the campaign and rolling out the Student Values Survey.

NUS National President
Desiree Cai