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Statement on Central Highlands Council planning decision

Will Hodgman, Premier & Minister for Parks

The Government is disappointed in today’s outcome which saw Central Highland’s Councillors vote against the advice of its own planners.

The role of Council is to assess the development application in accordance with the relevant planning scheme provisions. Other approval processes are not a matter for Council.

This proposal has been subject to rigorous assessment by the Commonwealth, including consideration of over several hundred public and expert submissions, and found that it will not impact on matters of National Environmental Significance.

The Government understands there are strong grounds to appeal the decision given the Council’s own planning advice that the proposal complies with the local planning scheme.

The Government will continue to back tourism operators who are willing to put up their own time, effort and money in order to develop new and exciting tourism ideas that are compatible with our natural and cultural values, and that benefit local communities.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. TV Resident

    February 27, 2019 at 10:53 pm

    The people on council are there because they are elected by the public to represent the public and NOT to be ‘YES MEN AND WOMEN’ for private developers. The state gov’t and the federal gov’t should have NO jurisdiction to overturn the local council’s decisions, especially when the development is proposed in TWWHAs. When the gov’ts approve of these kind of stupid developments, particularly when the developments are proposed to be in TWWHAs one does have to wonder just how much money is being passed under the table.
    It is almost like de ja vu….Gunns again and the current Tassal and Huon approvals going against the public opinion.

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