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Sixty per cent of voters support medevac bill, GetUp poll finds

Majority of those polled in Peter Dutton’s and Tony Abbott’s electorates back the move …


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    February 24, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    The problem with any political regime in terminal decline, and the present LNP qualifies for that one in spades, is that even its good policy settings become vulnerable to the tsunami of disapproval that is beginning to sweep over it.

    The relentless PR/marketing campaign being waged against the island detention system would not have had anywhere near the kind of traction it has had if Malcolm Turnbull hadn’t been turfed out and the party was in otherwise OK condition.

    But even ‘Golden Lips’ Turnbull would still have had problems, because over his watch we have had one really gross financial scandal after another; you know, The Paradise and Panama papers and then the financial industry royal commission These put really severe dents in the coalition’s reputational integrity as an economic manager. And the LNPs resolute attempts to thwart that royal commission did not go unnoticed, especially in its own heartland.

    But even that might have been forgivable if Turnbull hadn’t been hopeless hamstrung by his neo-con hardliners on climate change.

    For anyone who has had their ear to the ground and been listening to the chatter going on around the corporate traps over the last couple of years, they could not help but notice the rapidly increasing concern about global warming, as it has begun to dawn on more senior people just how endangered their business models are becoming. And while recognizing that the hydrocarbon industries are by far our largest export sector, they are also coming to understand that we cannot go on allowing national policy on climate to be held hostage to that lobby, which is what has happened. The coal industry has been transparently writing Coalition energy and environment policy since Abbott became PM in 2014..

    That by itself would not have been enough but for the fact the coalition has had to become not just overtly anti science, but almost incoherent at a policy level, in ways that we have only seen before in the kind of conversations that Lewis Carol’s Alice had with her protagonists in wonderland. In the end there is no way of avoiding the eventual discredit of fantasy based policy making in the world outside rabbit holes, looking glasses and Newscorp outlets.

    And exactly the same brutally appalling scenario is happening with the Trump administration in the US where their political system has been taken over by the Queen of Hearts….who is in league with the Russians…..

    The backwash of all this became obvious during the bye election for Turnbull’s seat in Wentworth. There were only two things wrong with the Liberal Party and its very unfortunate and totally unmemorable candidate; everything they said and everything they did. The heartland Liberal punters were and are very pissed off.

    Peter Dutton has done a great job of dealing competently with a thankless portfolio full of desperadoes who will do or say absolutely anything to escape their situation, and where it has therefore been ridiculously easy to paint him as a heartless bastard. The campaign being mounted against him and the detention policy is rancid bollocks, but it really doesn’t matter any more, because the government of which he is a part is ‘gone’ and his participation in the downfall of Turnbull has been so reputationally disastrous, he’ll lose his seat.

    The most likely good thing about the next election result is that it will force the hand of the liberal centre of the Liberal Party to overthrow the power of the coal lobby, its acolytes and some of its more brazenly corrupt donors and move back into more centrist, rational and economically responsible policy that it is going to make sense for our children and grandchildren…and make the party and its rural rump re-electable as a government, some day.

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