Immigration, Election, Human Rights


The National Justice Project congratulates the House of Representatives in passing a momentous Bill yesterday. With the support of the Senate, this law will take the politics out of getting life saving care for desperately ill people in offshore detention.


Adjunct Professor George Newhouse of the National Justice Project has today said that,


An Australia with strong human rights is a healthier, more robust nation.


As the lawyers who set the precedent in these medical evacuation cases, we have unique insight into how ill people became under current policies.


The medical evidence is overwhelming: indefinite detention destroys lives.


Today the High Court is hearing a case brought by Human Rights for All, which will challenge the lawfulness of indefinite detention.


The National Justice Project has also recently filed two High Court challenges to offshore detention, arguing that, as implemented, it constitutes torture and crimes against humanity.

Adjunct Professor George Newhouse, Director of the National Justice Project, will be available today at Parliament House to discuss these matters.