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Martine Delaney opts for poll rigging

Martine Delaney's Facebook post

After crying foul over the results of a commissioned poll conducted by EMRS which showed 71% of Tasmanians reject the proposed changes to birth registration laws, Martine Delaney has called on interstate supporters to swing an Advocate online poll in support of the proposed laws despite acknowledging the unscientific nature of the poll.

In a recent posting on the national Facebook page of the group Proud to be a second-class Australian Martine Delaney wrote –

We need to get the Yes vote ahead.  Please, spare a minute to help. 

The Examiner newspaper is also doing its bit to support Delaney’s position by deleting all posts addressing misinformation being spread by the trans lobby about the EMRS poll.   Women Speak Tasmania has reposted a detailed comment on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/womenspeaktas/.

Martine Delaney has shown a total disregard for the impact the proposed laws will have on the Tasmanian community, and has denied the need for broad public consultation.

Delaney has frequently claimed the laws will not impact the wider Tasmanian community, despite dozens of international case studies where women’s and children’s rights and privacy have been negatively impacted, particularly by sex self-identification.

The cases include a Canadian man, Christopher Hambrook, who utilised sex self-identification laws to access a women’s shelters where he assaulted two women, and a serial sex offender in the UK, Karen White, who claimed to be female and was transferred to a female prison where he raped two women.

The UK prison service has now admitted their mistake in placing Karen White in the female prison, but under the sex self-identification laws proposed by Labor and the Greens, our own prison management may be powerless to prevent males transferring to female prisons.

In February this year the UK Prison Service changed their policy on transgender inmates who will no longer be held in women’s prisons due to a number of cases of abuse and public outcry from women’s and justice groups.

While consistently denying the many negative impacts the proposed laws may have on women’s rights, Delaney has at least acknowledged that the transfer of males to female prisons is a possible outcome of the laws, but rather than raising concerns about this, Delaney has claimed that such outcomes are desirable and intended consequences of the laws.

This is one of several clear impacts on the wider Tasmanian community that demand proper consultation, investigation and safeguarding.



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  1. Lola Moth

    February 28, 2019 at 10:04 am

    There are only two sexes and you are either one or the other. Anything in between is a deformity, just like my club foot. Gender is a social construct that is similar to fashion. In the past men have worn elaborate wigs and makeup but never doubted they were of the male sex.

    If you accept the social rules that women wear makeup and dresses while cooking and tending children, and men must wear jeans and grow beards in order to do manual labour then you only have yourself to blame if you feel uncomfortable in the role you have chosen.

    If we throw away fashion, fads, and gender roles we get to dress and act in any way that makes us comfortable in our own skin. I am a heterosexual female but I don’t wear makeup, dresses, jeans, or high heels. I don’t dye my hair or shave my legs. I don’t have children and definitely don’t feel maternal. I don’t ‘feel’ female, I just feel like Lola, and Lola is a biological female. I won’t be forced into a fashion or social role that doesn’t fit me.

    Get rid of the social gender roles that are stifling some people and the problem will be solved. You can’t change biological sex but each individual can change how comfortable they feel in society by changing their own minds about gender appropriate fashions and behaviours.

  2. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    February 27, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    Oh! And I almost forgot, my ‘ loyal German’ acqaintance would have wanted to know if I were a friend of that notorious Germanophobe Warmonger,, Winston Churchill…..

    • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

      February 28, 2019 at 9:42 am

      And as the aforementioned ‘loyal German acquaintance’ threw me out of his house into the arms of a couple of large black hatted men wearing floor to ceiling leather trench coats, he accused me of being a ‘bigoted’ British spy spreading ‘Naziphobic’ ‘Bolshevik Jewish ‘prejudices’, anti-German ‘paranoia’,’vilificatory hatespeech’ against The Fuhrer and ‘denying’ Germany’s ‘equal rights’ to peaceful enjoyment of its ‘rightful place’ in the Bolshevik and Jew free New World Order……where Nazi tendencies and desires are encouraged and every youth can be a Hitler Youth….with the full support of National Socialists everywhere!

      I am not trying here to accuse the transgen lobby of being Nazi fascists, but drawing attention to the totalitarian similarities in their disinclination to enter genuine argument and open debate, their rigid pattern of regime certainty, closed and authoritarian habits of discourse in favour of propaganda, non conformity intolerance and colonial ambitions to invade territory where they have absolutely no business.

      They are dangerous people and they need to be fought tooth and nail, because there will never be an end to their demands for lebenstraum or their opportunistic smell for weakness and uncertainty or the repressiveness of their regime once in power.

  3. Lola Moth

    February 27, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    It is a biological fact that you can’t turn a ram into a ewe, a stallion into a mare, a buck into a doe, or a man into a woman. If you went to buy a cow but were sold a bull instead and told you couldn’t get your money back because sex is a social construct that can be changed on a whim, you would think you had entered a different universe. Why do some people think the laws of nature don’t apply to them? Humans are animals that reproduce by having two sexes that mate to produce offspring. That is a biological fact. Gender is a social construct, sex is not. This argument about biological men becoming biological women by signing a piece of paper is something we expect to find in the dark ages along with alchemy and witchcraft.

    • Geoff Holloway

      February 27, 2019 at 8:14 pm

      Absolutely classic comment Lola Moth – “If you went to buy a cow but were sold a bull instead and told you couldn’t get your money back because sex is a social construct that can be changed on a whim” … I am still laughing!

      • mctessa

        February 28, 2019 at 8:02 am

        That would make a great cartoon.

    • joannapink

      February 27, 2019 at 8:36 pm

      Brilliant comment Lola!

      We have to be weary of language that does not reflect reality. The narrative of the transgender movement is a
      product of a clever PR exercise.

      If one looses instinct for ideology, one becomes decoupled from a direct experience of reality. The ideology is like a belief, it midiates the experience.

      Lets not be fooled by the ” transwomen are women” pitch!

    • Simon Warriner

      February 27, 2019 at 9:53 pm

      Or in the modern age of political correctness……………
      It seems quite at home here. Rhyming history, perhaps?

    • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

      February 27, 2019 at 11:10 pm

      Lola, the transgender reconstruction of sex into a medicalized ideological construct didn’t just come out of the ether last week. It has had a fifty to sixty year run up that transformed consciousness and provided the kinds of leverages that make even the most absurd pseudo scientific nonsense, jargonistic thinking and almost infantile reasoning seem vaguely plausible.

      I mean trying to have a conversation with anyone in the transgen camp today is a bit like trying to have a vaguely rational ‘discussion’ with a ‘loyal German’ during the 1930s about ‘the Jewish Question’, because he or she would have been so deeply invested in the regime, all you would get out of them would be a finger waggingly stubborn retailed version of the ideas in Mein Kampf’, which they would not be in the least interested in critically evaluating. And they would get mortally offended if you tried to do it for them, to the point of losing their cool and accusing you of being ‘a filthy Jew Lover’ and/or ‘Aryan Hater’, ‘plotter’ against The Fatherland, an ‘agent of the International Jewish Banking Conspiracy’ and ‘a Bolshevik Zionist Sympathizer’, if not ‘Collaborator’…at which point you would be planning the fastest route to the French or Belgian frontier….

      Sound familiar?

      The reason that these people are more than just ideological pests and intellectual cranks, is that late Indulgence Capitalism offers them both momentum and leverage through a marketing system that has so colonized the collective will, it can sell them bottled water at 4,000 times the price of tap. Flogging gobbledigook and drivel is not a problem anymore. Crudely blatant fudging of notions of sex, sexuality and sexual political gender into bogus sexistentialist identitarianism is a breeze because there is already a lot of that sort self serving baloney around.

      Identity politics generally has enjoyed huge traction across a wide range of issues that mightily serve large tracts of the existing social establishment and the interests of the status quo. And it doesn’t mind as long as the drivel augments its power and legitimacy.

    • Jack

      February 28, 2019 at 10:11 am

      Bull’s eye Lola. Now they’ll have to pull out the ‘transphobe’ truncheon and work you over a bit for bringing clear-eyed logic into the debate. The shame is, plenty of latitude exists for defining identity and gender as people please. Yet like conversations with furniture, discussing reason with the unreasonable is rarely productive.

      Unfortunately, reason has nothing to do with it.

      I suspect that the trans lobby irrationality is just a symptom of a much wider problem in the west where the irrational and savage animus at our core has been set free as institutions have been corrupted by self interest. Individuals no longer feel constrained by logic, reason or personal ethics. Their disposition seeks a right to be validated, irrespective of whether such a right is rational or beneficial to society generally. It’s all about ‘me’ and my island of identity.

      Damn the eyes of those who have played this for political gain. For these are the merchants of a cynical cargo that is sinking us all.

  4. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    February 26, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    Delaney is a smart operator in the time honored tradition of the branch stacker and ballot box stuffer, while at the same time maintaining the same kind of bland authoritativeness as an Andrew Bolt, who like Delaney, makes sure that adverse criticism never gets within a country mile, by either directly ‘editing it out’, or using an extensive network of well placed power players (like the Minerals Council, his boss at Newscorp or the Institute of Public Affairs) to do the dirty work for him.

    Publicrelationsmarketspeak is not the monopoly of the tobacco lobby. big coal. or the venerable Bolt. The transgen lobby is exactly the same in both spirit and modus operandi. Ideological garbage thus becomes immunised from the necessity for honest discourse because in that world truth no longer matters. Perception is all that counts. The authoritative sounding thirty second grabs, the slogans, keywords, stereotypes, euphemisms and dysphemisms rather than real debate or systematic argument become the stock-in-trade…and cease to be noticed as old fashioned baloney, crib ‘n bluff, fluff ‘n fudge, weave ‘n duck, slip ‘n slide…and the kind of nonsense that now passes scratch in the looking glass world of the Queen of Hearts.

    Alice no longer has to wander
    through a looking glass
    to check out Cheshire cats,
    all shiny furred and sleek
    with well filed claws
    polished smiles
    and eyes that prey upon
    victims yet unseen
    while still digesting
    on their pawns
    sacrificed upon the table
    of a heartless Queen
    atop looking glass towers
    where all the clubs are exclusive
    and the breathtaking views
    go for thousands of miles.

    M Hatter in marketing still does teas
    with focus groupies on his knees
    but now inspired guesses
    scuttle back beneath
    imagination’s tresses
    giving way to science
    interrogated, quantified and engineered
    in full house suites
    of diamonds steeped in blood,
    And polished for their views
    On Foxtel News.

    Alice eventually stayed
    Doing awfully-Important-Work
    for White Rabbit solutions,
    down labyrinthine burrows
    at Wonderland Inc
    designing algorithms and reality syncs
    for the spades in suits
    Who carry guns they like to shoot
    ‘cos all their cards are bulletproof
    And though the maths is good
    the calculations stink.

    The only dissonance to be found
    is the whining doggerel whimsey hound
    that occasionally embarrasses guests
    by pissing from pots to the clash of spoons
    and restless rattle of half full cups
    who’ve heard it all before
    but only recall the suck and lap
    of pursing lips
    not what they said
    nor the howling lament
    of tea gone cold
    forgotten in the rush of feet
    to make it past the golden door
    before it forever shuts
    the last remaining trading floor
    on the last remaining chequered board
    where all the pieces must be sold
    and the king will do as he is told.

    The transgen lobby is just as comfortable in that world as the characters who run our financial institutions.

    People believe its oracular declamations, ideological posturings and accusations of heresy because we now live in a world where the punters have been ‘conditioned’ to believe anything, no matter how improbable it would sound in a society that wasn’t drowning in its own propaganda.

    The very appearance of these characters is a grotesque testament to the collapse of rational criticism into an abyss of blind faith that one would normally associate with religious fundamentalism. And if we do not stand up to it now, these characters, both.corporate and social alike, will control us more completely than the autocracies of old. The transgens want that kind of power and have repeatedly shown themselves willing to shamelessly groom our children, corrupt academic discourse into pseudoscientific gobbledigook, legally deny people the right to question them or their view of the world, deplatform them, disemploy them, socially discredit and isolate them and subject them to physical intimidation and attack

    It is a short jump from there to start considering whether it is ‘OK’ to kill dissidents and people who refuse to conform. Orthodoxy, once it gets up sufficient head of steam, doesn’t tolerate heterodoxy, which is a declared ‘enemy of the people’ and ‘deserves’ whatever it gets for its ‘obtuse and stubborn resistance’ to the ‘unquestionable received truth’.

    It was not so long ago that people were burned at the stake for that. The last auto da fe was probably in Mexico, circa 1850……

    • Geoff Holloway

      February 26, 2019 at 4:21 pm

      Christopher, ‘when you are good, you are very, very good, but when you are bad ….’ I do wish you would change your attitude to the cable car! Interesting what you say about branch stacking – does not surprise me, afterall, the cards are stacked against Green members who dissent from the oligarchy.

      • Megan

        February 27, 2019 at 9:17 am

        Too true Geoff, the Tasmanian Greens have become an oligarchy. It is quiet literally the Cassy and Nick Sideshow! It is good to see that Greens members are finally revolting on this toxic duo. At present I would never re-join the Greens while these two are pulling the strings, their control and suppression of dissenting voices is clear for all to see. In which other political party could the leader preside over a party at two crushing electoral defeats and still remain the party leader. Peg Putt, Christine Milne and Bob Brown must be so disappointed that Cassy and Nick have derailed the train and made the Tasmanian Greens a joke amongst the Australian Greens movement.

  5. Emmanuel Goldstein

    February 26, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    In the ‘good old days’ loonies brandishing insane agendas were routinely locked up for their own good and the good of the broader society, now they are afforded publicly funded soapbox whilst afforded a comfortable existence, publicly funded.

  6. Miranda Yardley

    February 26, 2019 at 10:59 am

    There’s something fundanmentally wrong when a man with convictions for pedophilia and indecent assault against women, is put in a women’s prison where, of course, his potential victims have nowhere to escape.

  7. Lola Moth

    February 26, 2019 at 8:33 am

    If these proposals become law there will be no more women’s sport. Women can’t compete with men which is why teams are separated by biological sex. There will be no sport that women will be able to play without also sharing the showers with biological men.

    Women’s prisons will have the added punishment of rape as part of their culture, and biological men will be the greater population in them because which man would not prefer a women’s prison for a long sentence rather than the brutality of a men’s prison?

    There will be no female only safe spaces so 51% of the population will feel, and actually be, less safe in society.

    Biology is a fact, but anyone who truthfully states that women do not have penises will be punished by laws that have no basis in truth. Biological women will cease to exist because biology will no longer count. More than half the population will be legally squashed out of existence by people who claim they are a tiny ‘trans’ minority but who are actually part of the 49% of biological men. Men have historically kept women down and they think they are being politically correct and even feminist by supporting these changes, but they are being used by the trans lobby to extinguish women’s rights.

    I was born in an Australia where women were second class citizens and had far fewer rights than men. I fought for equality between the sexes, not to erase the sexes. I did not fight for women to become men but to have the same rights as men. Nobody will be taking my hard won rights away from me without the fight of my life.

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