Tasmanian LGBTI equality advocates have called on the State Government to give in-principle support to banning so-called LGBTI conversion therapy.


The call comes in the wake of today’s commitment from the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, to ban the practice which he labelled ‘evil’.”


Equality Tasmania spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,


“LGBTI Tasmanians are still being subject to the barbaric practice known as ‘conversion therapy’, including right here in Tasmania.”


“I call on the State Government to give in-principle support to legislation banning ‘conversion therapy’ and fund a Tasmanian Law Reform Institute inquiry into the best way to do it.”


“‘Conversion therapy’ is a cruel and barbaric practice that destroys the self worth of those who undergo it, not least by holding out false hope they can be ‘cured’ of something that is perfectly natural.”


“International evidence shows the best response to ‘conversion therapy’ is a mix of criminal and civil sanctions, plus better regulation and education.”


LGBTI conversion therapy seeks to “cure” same-sex attraction or transgender identity. It has been banned in a number of places in Europe and North America.