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A Royal Commission into the affairs of the Federal Liberal National Coalition Government

Yes, it is time for a Royal Commission into the gross mismanagement of affairs by the Federal Liberal National Coalition Government in Canberra



With $50 billion spent on the NBN, the sliced down system produced by the Federal Liberal National Coalition Government is slow, faulty and extremely expensive for customers.  Experts suggest that because of the poor quality of the rollout, the system will require a $20 billion write down if it is to be sale-able.

The Murray Darling Basin

With $13 billion dollars set aside for the recovery of the Murray Darling basin by the former Federal Labor Government, the river system is now a total disaster.  The Royal Commission needs to unpick where the money has been allocated and why vast agri business’ in NSW and QLD have mass storages of water when lower basin towns and Indigenous communities have very little water.  And almost no water has been returned to the system itself as indicated by the masses fish deaths this summer.  This mis management has occurred under the direction of the former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce.

Climate Change

The Federal Liberal National CoalitionGovernment has no policy on climate change.  Many members of both political parties deny climate change.  Therefore it is necessary for the Royal Commission to investigate allegations that the fossil fuel industries have infiltrated and bribed or coerced this government to stop the development of renewable industries and allow potential further coal fired power stations to be built.

Border Force

Following the failure of the Federal Liberal National Coalition Government to stop the Medevac Bill from passing through both Houses of Parliament, comments made by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison appeared to entice people smugglers to return to ferrying refugees to Australia.  Furthermore the Prime Minister has participated and operated earlier “scare” campaigns on refugees starting with the Tampa incident at the time of the Howard Government.  Therefore citizens, voters need assurances that the Federal government is not orchestrating the return to refugees boats to enable this unpopular government to return to power following the May 2019 election.

The Royal Commission needs to investigate if the Morrison Government has:

firstly) approached the Indonesian Government to allow the return of refugee boatsor

secondly) ordered the Australian Border Force to allow any refugee boats to enter Australian waters.

Perhaps fellow citizens you have many other issues that should be added to this outline agenda.

Josephine Zananiri lives in the Independent electorate of Indi and currently works in the manual labour arena tending native and exotic trees.

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  1. Tony Stone

    February 24, 2019 at 11:06 am

    Calling for a royal commission into any ruling political party is dumb. The only logical answer is to get rid of the current party-controlled system and replace it with something that represents the 21st century, and not the 18th century. None of the parties will allow such a royal commission as they are all just as corrupt and ideologically insane as each other.

    If you look at the long term outcomes of just about any royal commission you may find not much happens any different to what is acceptable to the party system. To get positive results you have to get rid of the cause, and that’s the current political, bureaucratic and party system which clearly no longer works for any form of sustainable future.

    As for political correctness, it’s a sociological destruction tool, used by minority inadequates to force their agenda upon the majority.

    All the scenarios in this thread can be easily and quickly resolved to benefit the future. To do that, we need real knowledgeable and experienced people running things in the way the people want, and not for vested interests and ideological insanity.

    When you are paying fools millions of dollars to run essential services and infrastructure growth, you will always get outcomes like the NBN. Same with all economic aspects of our society .. overpaid and incompetent idiots.

    As for climate change, nothing will improve until urban dwellers start to restrict their gluttonous greed and waste of resources. The majority of all our problems stem from over population, insane urban growth and waste.

    Sadly you can’t have huge greedy wasteful populations and expect anything than what we are seeing now.

  2. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    February 23, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    This list of LNP malfeasances is a very mixed bag.

    The reasons that South Korea has built a very cheap and fast internet that makes that of the US and Australia look doddering ancient and expensive tech, and done so since the 1990s, is that South Korea is from top to bottom a technologically innovative manufacturing economy. For its people, high speed connection is absolutely critical to its industrial performance and survival as a leading edge economy, at not just the research and production level, but in the business of training its young to run and maintain its growth trajectory.

    Australia is not even vaguely in the Korean league or with those kinds of ambitions, or willingness to prioritize such technological lifeblood over almost any other spending/investment priority. The Koreans spend 9.33% of GDP on social welfare and we spend 21%.

    Secondly, from the perspective of most Australians, the LNP has done an outstanding job on border protection. They think Peter Dutton should be congratulated for doing an excellent job in the face of a lot of gratuitous bastardization by uncritical and indulgent sotts.whose corrupt and morally willful social ideology should be ceremonially burned to the waterline somewhere outside our territorial waters in the Torres Strait. That way, border policy and the desperadoes who try to breach it can be safely left to responsible guardians who have some idea what they are doing, and the political integrity to make rational policy stick in the face of soggily indulgent thinking posing as ‘compassion’ and ’empathy’.

    I am just giving you the fee back. You live in a narcissistic ideological groupthink echo chamber whose core constituency represents about 15% of the population. Get over yourselves. And if you can’t manage it, most people don’t give a cafe latte what you think anyway.

    But,, and it is a huge but, that attitude becomes a fatally regrettable and blindsiding state of affairs when it comes to the Murray Darling and the larger issues of which it is emblematic; i.e.,anthropogenic climate change and the terrible facts of living wildly beyond our ecological means. There isn’t a single natural ecosystem on the face of the planet that isn’t approaching terminal crisis.

    This one goes way beyond the reach of a Royal Commission. This is a civilizational matter and if we do not collectively respond with a very single minded energy and focus, the modern period will end, and global populations will go back to what they were in 1500, or fewer,

    The problem is that the libertarian humanist ascendency is so on the nose…and not just in Australia… that large tranches of our population would rather eat strychnine than admit that anything they had to say was correct.

    If we are going to save our collective necks and those of our children, we are going to have to learn how to swallow hard and humbly reach across ideological divides normally populated with angry shouts and missiles. Everybody is going to have to put some of their more treasured shibboleths to one side….for the duration.

    The only time I have heard of such a thing, was as a result of the Xian ‘incident’ in China, in 1936. The then Kuomintang party leader, Generalissimo Chang Kai-shek, was ‘kidnapped’ by elements of the north China based military and ‘persuaded’ that it was necessary to stop attacking the communists and focus the joint national military effort on the main threat to the country, which was the invasion of North China by the Japanese. It was a very tough choice.It was a get out of jail card for the communists that was bound to bite him in the bum at some later time, but there really wasn’t any other way forward. He just had to bite the bullet, and that is what we are all going to have to risk to leave anything at all for our children.

    The coal and other fossil fuel industries have become an existential threat to our common future, despite the fact that they represent the bulk of the modern industrial chemistry and materials technology that makes modern production possible. Less than half of a barrel of oil is fuel. This change will represent the biggest and most difficult transformation by modern economies since the invention of the steam engine. Beyond that, the apparatus has to shrink because we are going to have to live within our ecological means, which we haven’t done for a hundred years.

    If we manage to negotiate this almost impossible agenda, what will come out at the other end will be barely recognizable.. We have no more more idea what will turn out than Chiang did when he agreed to go along with his kidnappers….and it won’t necessarily be all that good…any more than it was for him.

    • Wining Pom

      February 23, 2019 at 11:53 pm

      Christopher, you do an excellent job of defending the government by using all the good stuff, border protection, we spend all our cash on welfare etc., but then you outline the real problems we are facing, and this government has no will to do any of those things to fix it.

      Climate Change. It seems that you understand it, so tell your Liberal candidates that they need to understand it too.

      Tony Abbott said that the adults were back in charge, well, I wish that the kids who are striking from school to publicise Climate Change were in charge.

      Maybe when they are, they’ll make pensioners pay for the damage we have created. A tax on pensions of those that were responsible. All of us.

      • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

        February 24, 2019 at 12:46 pm

        Thanks for the feedback my dear Whining P.

        I make no judgement on whether welfare is a bigger priority than state of the art technological infrastructure. But if welfare is more important, then it is hardly fair to nail the LNP for insisting that we cannot have both. And perhaps it should be pointed out that had we at some point decided to go down the South Korean road, we would probably have a working class rather than a welfare one.

        Now as to my alleged Liberal Party connections, I do not have any. The only time in my life I have ever voted Liberal was in the 1992 Victorian state election after the Kirner government was reduced to selling off state assets and borrowing money to pay the wages of its bureaucrats, because its short sighted and bloody minded union constituencies wouldn’t give up anything to help the place get out of the shit.

        As it turns out, when I remember to take a vomit bag to the election booth, I vote Green, because although I regard the party as a politically grotesque infantile disorder, they are the only people who are behaving as if we were in the middle of an environmental emergency. But nonetheless, I still find the business of writing ‘1’ next to ‘The Greens’ extremely stressful, because while on the one hand they have environmental policies that might save us all from the dustbin of history, on the other, their social and economic ones will consign us to the very same place by a different road.

        That is the rub. We collectively are faced with the uninviting choice of neo-con climate fruitcakes like Tony ‘the tank’ Abbott who is in bed with guys like Ken ‘the bankster’ Henry and his lootocrat corporate mates, and on the other, ideological fairies-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden who don’t mind getting into bed with people traffickers and youthful gangsters like Dylan Voller and the totally corrupted ‘communities’ that produced him, where an aboriginal woman is 80 times more likely to be hospitalized by her grown up Dylan Voller…than any other ethnic group.

        And anyway, neither side take any notice of Royal Commissions and similar.

        Nobody is going to fix the malfeasant banking culture. It will be business-as-usual in less than five years. Did The 2007 Northern Territory ‘The Little Children are Sacred’ Report into rampant child sexual interference in remote communities, and the military intervention that followed actually change anything? I don’t think so. Just like the banksters, the ‘community’ waited out ‘all that fuss’ and went straight back to business-as-usual, when it was all over. Is the 2016 South Australian Nyland royal commission into the child welfare notification system going to stop 9 out of 10 aboriginal kids from being the subject of abuse/neglect notifications? I don’t think so. They don’t even have plan to to get it back to 8 out of 10.

        Last Christmas, some Northern Territory remote medical clinics had to be closed down because there were no police available to protect the medical workers…

        Everybody is far too heavily invested into the status quo to change anything voluntarily. Slip, slide, weave ‘n duck is the name of the game. There are enough slimy excuses per square metre of rampant ideological baloney to cover the entire Pacific plastic patch. It will all get sorted out eventually in the way prodigality and corruption always does, in an endgame crunch that will destroy evil and just about everything else along with it, as it chastens the rest who are left to rue their lethargic inaction when they had the chance to fix things before it came to that.

        Royal commissions are about as much use as a fart in a gas oven. Sorry.

        • Wining Pom

          February 24, 2019 at 9:30 pm

          You make some good points Christopher, but also show contempt for some people less fortunate than ourselves.

          You should read Bruce Pascoe, Dark Emu and see what Aboriginal society was like before we got here and changed things a bit. Agriculture and fish farming like you wouldn’t believe. But of course, that story couldn’t be told could it.

          • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

            February 25, 2019 at 10:57 am

            My dear Wining, whether pre-contact aboriginal society was a Rouseaean ‘noble savage’ society enjoying a brilliantly comfortable lifestyle with all the Barney Rubble stone age ‘peel me an oyster Beula’ refinements, is irrelevant. The very second capitalism arrived, the game was up, as it had been for the parents of the first convicts, who had suddenly found themselves landless because their landlords had discovered they could make it produce many multiples of the rent peasant farmers could pay by turning it over to modern operators who understood and utilized broad scale mechanized farming.

            Capitalism brutally ended business-as-usual for everybody across the globe, starting at home and working out. Everybody had to get used to it and adapt in any way they could. Some did it very well and some did it very badly. And those who tried to take refuge in their past rather than adapt got hammered, which is what happens to anyone who keeps trying to live off past glories.

            Pilgrims making the journey into modern times have to travel reasonably light to get to the city of our times and become one of its successful citizens.Too much traditional baggage weighs them down and they either don’t make it or they end up squatting and rotting in the margins because they just can’t let go of enough of their past and their hearts aren’t really in it.

            The Japanese jumped themselves from a feudal and medieval society circa 1450 to a military-industrial state and global power in 50 years. Our aboriginal brothers and sisters are still struggling to make scratch or take enough interest in modern education to send their kids to school.

            The recently employed NT truant officers are failing to make any difference because the kids are hiding in their homes with the connivance of their parents.What hope have those kids got? Indulging their land fantasies just panders to their self perpetuating inter-generational recidivism, that keeps them exactly where they are indefinitely and keeps thousands of non indigenous or all but non indigenous people (who have escaped the cloying semi tribal grasp by growing up in modern families) in aboriginal industry bureaucracies for the next two hundred and fifty years, annually spending $43,000 for every aboriginal man, woman and child to basically maintain the status quo.

            So what about aboriginals? Disappointment and frustration rather than contempt perhaps…and an increasingly infuriated disapproval of their white sponsors, who use them as ideological pawns to prop up their own world view, authority and legitimacy while keeping ‘their clients’ exactly where they are, as untouchable official poor things in perpetuity, to rot on the garbage heap of history in ways that will always be everyone else’s fault; you know, ‘racism’, ‘disadvantage’ and ‘discrimination’ and all the rest of the exculpatory bullshit that white libertarian humanists use to maintain their wretched bullshit regime

  3. TV Resident

    February 15, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    Realist … It is time you stop ‘kissing butt’ of the Liberals/Nationals, both state and federal, and faced the truth about what they are doing, or better still about what they are NOT doing.

    Of all of the things listed in the article above, they are either the cause of them, or they have done NOTHING to prevent these things happening.

    I am wondering if you are on the payroll.

  4. Kate

    February 15, 2019 at 9:44 am

    This is not a “news article”! it should have appeared under “media release” from lone activist.

    • Geoff Capper

      February 19, 2019 at 8:52 am

      So all the tripe appearing in the mainstream sources posing as “news”, which is in reality thinly veiled propaganda, is quite acceptable?

      Josephine is hardly a lone activist .. given the number of people fed up with this government and its incompetence and its blatant outright corruption.

  5. Realist

    February 15, 2019 at 7:29 am

    And to think people actually read this rubbish and take it seriously.

    • Russell

      February 15, 2019 at 2:58 pm

      You read it, lol.

      There should be an ICAC investigating every single government and political party in Australia….Federal, State and Local.

      • max

        February 16, 2019 at 1:37 pm

        Russell … There should be an ICAC investigating every single government and political party in Australia .. Federal, State and Local!

        When the foxes are in charge of the hen house, it is bit much to expect them to shut the door!

        • Russell

          February 18, 2019 at 10:31 am

          An ICAC should remove all the foxes, and place a bounty on them.

    • Rob Halton

      February 17, 2019 at 2:20 am

      Its getting worse by the day as the nation divides itself along the lines of increasing social upheval and political breakups, whoever is elected to run the next government will find itself in a constant hot bed of conflict.
      It will take an exceptionally strong PM and team to keep the peace as political correctness is out of control.

      The ridiculous radical approach by the author is an example of misdirection, and some of the stupid remarks by the usual suspects only promote trouble, not solutions.

      • max

        February 17, 2019 at 2:40 pm

        Rob Halton … It will take an exceptionally strong PM and team to keep the peace as political correctness is out of control.

        I presume that you think the Liberal Party can full fill that role. For a start Morrison would have to go. He is definitely not leader material. He is a guffawing baboon and the sorry fact is that they have no one who has the qualifications to pick up the prime ministerial baton that Morrison has dropped.

        We are responsible for the refugees, as it’s we who jailed them. How can we deny them needed medical attention? Rob, if you were thrown into jail for a crime you might, or might not, have committed – and become sick .. would you expect your jailers to deny you needed medical attention on the grounds that you might be of dubious character?

        There is no difference between being jailed on an off-shore island or being jailed in Risdon. What Morrison is saying is that he or one of his ministers should have the power to decide who can have medical attention if they are in prison, not the doctors.

        It is a very dangerous proposal.

      • Geoff Capper

        February 19, 2019 at 9:50 am

        Rob Halton, you’re using the phrase “political correctness” to mean “things I don’t like about the world”. That’s not what the phrase means.

        You seem to be trying to insinuate that disagreement is the crime in the face of their actions. Do your solutions involve accepting the non-outcome of a banker-designed royal commission into the crimes of banking to preserve this fantasy peace? Or accepting any other of the litany of ills that have been visited upon us, to preserve this fantasy peace that is somehow a solution in-and-of itself?

        No, the trouble was promoted when the trouble was created, not when we respond to it. You’ve got your notions of causality all mixed up.

        Per the work of Arnold Toynbee, we’re seeing the declining returns of our “Creative Minority”, they have devolved into the “Dominant Minority”, rulers that do not deserve our respect. The internal proletariat is getting fed up, and the barbarians are (apparently?!) at the gates. If you’ve read, or read of, his work you’ll know where we’re heading, and understand why we’re seeing social upheaval and political breakups.

        “Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” – Arnold Toynbee

    • Geoff Capper

      February 19, 2019 at 9:03 am

      “Realist” … Your self-assigned appellation fits the rule of propaganda perfectly: “people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

      A genuine realist would confront the facts (a number of them are presented in the article above) rather than continuing to suffer self-imposed denial and the inevitable cognitive dissonance.

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