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Was Leigh Sales Goosed by the Gander?

Hilary Clinton and Leigh Sales ...

I think it is blatantly obvious that the Murdoch Press, in particular The Australian, is pro-Liberal and anti-Labor, and that it hates with particular fury any form of do-gooder who stems the flow of the rivers of gold to be found in corporate profitability.

This profitability is based on the output of those who work for the Big End of Town.

In today’s Murdoch flagship The Australian we find an article and chart on page 2 which explains that during the five years of a Liberal Government between 2011 and 2016, a total of 738,300 new jobs were created (not a million) of which 615,400 were filled by immigrants and 125,400 by the native born.

On this basis over 5 years True Blue Born in Australia Aussies managed to fill 25,000 Australian jobs annually, or 68 jobs per day on a rolling 5 year average. Immigrants on the other hand managed 338 per day, a total of 406 per day over a five year period! What a fantastic rip-snorter of an achievement!

In my book this can mean only one thing, namely that the migrants are desperate to work.

These figures give Morrison’s claim of a million jobs over five years real meat and a definite context.

It is highly unlikely that the averages would have gone up over the last two years because the economy has been going backwards, albeit slowly.

I therefore suggest that the averages and numbers would hardly have changed, and at most we created 800,000 jobs (not a million!) between 2013 and 2018 .. whatever the creative pollies can massage.

This makes Leigh Sales complicit in her Morrison interview for not being abreast of the actual facts. As a consequence she let the accidental prime minister, and former advertising shyster, slip through her fingers.

68 jobs a day! What a fantastic achievement .. and falling to boot! True Blue Aussies are so proud of their bullshitting leaders in their shining armour …

Or is it more the case that they do not want to work?

When Leigh Sales interviews Shorten I would suggest that she asks him to comment, and to quote the Murdoch Press for the accurate figures!

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  1. MJF

    February 1, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    Mr Hawkins asks:
    “Have you ever heard of a Zoological Garden or Botanical Garden a Farm or an Arboretum that all require gardeners to keep them in order?”

    Yes, indeed. I’ve had the pleasure of inspecting many of these kinds of fine facilities over the years, and so that does make me a plantsman by your definition. As you do not claim to have any of these types of gardens, I can only assume you employed the gardener to just eradicate weeds from the 472 hectares. Remember John, we have a metric system here.

    This sort of work I would not call this gardening, but rather weeding. So you actually hired a gardener to just weed. Now I get it.

    The business of FPPs is alive and well, as is the business of selling logs of all descriptions, but thank you for speculating otherwise. You really must learn to co-exist better Mr Hawkins, by being less discriminatory and fixated.

    What else? Oh yes, I suggest that your IBN should be ABN, and to the best of my knowledge I can’t recall ever being handed a brown paper bag (with contents).

    What about you? Possibly in the back of the quartermaster’s store a long time ago for a favour done?

  2. John Hawkins

    February 1, 2019 at 9:32 am

    Jack, thank you so much for the first link. Did you note that it has been viewed by nearly 7.5 million people?

    The million jobs fallacy is based on the spin that nobody actually ever loses a job, or is retired thereby creating a vacancy.

    In very simple terms if 5 Aussies per day retired that would halve the number of new jobs created for Aussies in each capital city.

    Further, I would guess that many of these old jobs were taken by recently arrived migrants .. hence the imbalance in the figures given above re 68 Aussies to 338 Migrants.

    This is why wages no longer go up, as those who wish to work will do so at any price.

    Most migrants come here with nothing but the intention to succeed, and we rightly welcome them.

    The winners are the employers, with government the biggest employer of them all.

    They can keep costs down using newly arrived part time migrant workers to replace permanent full time employees of long standing with their entrenched backlog of entitlements.

    When I was at Sandhurst one of the first lessons taught to officer cadets was that keeping one fighting soldier in the field requires ten in administration.

    The statutory 200,000 migrants per annum which with students, those on holiday, those with working visas and the skilled migrant visas, now total over 500,000 a year. They require an enormous back up staff in administration as evidenced in our schools, hospitals and transport systems, none of which are coping.

    They can only cope if the principal beneficiaries pay their tax.

    The Liberals state that they are running a successful government and economy while in fact this is not true. They are merely subdividing the mineral-based pie that keeps us rich into smaller and smaller portions. All this while the transnational oil, gas and coal corporations can, and do, transfer their profits that this cheaper labour creates to tax havens.

    BHP is being tackled by the ATO and settled in November without any admission of fault for $529 million in tax over a transfer of profit to Singapore. Then another $82 million two days ago, and a further $300 million plus to the Queensland government for royalties avoided.

    Our wobbly economy needs to be kept in balance in order to pay the capital costs of servicing cheap migrant labour.

    That is why we need a Government of any hue whose favour has not been bought by corporate donations.

    Morrison as Treasurer says ‘We do not need a banking royal commission .. nothing to see here, it’s just reckless, populist whingeing.’

    This is what we are up against .. bought, lying pollies .. and this one is now the Prime Minister..

  3. Rob Halton

    January 31, 2019 at 11:49 pm

    Hawkins, how mean of you not to pay the poor man some cash, Morrison is a good bloke who would not be the least worried about humble garderers making a few quid on the side!

    I hope your fine English estate garden becomes infested with all those horrid European weed species that were originally brought to VDL by the English gentry waning for home!

    How are you going you old devil, full of beans ah what!. Good health to you anyway, damn it!

    • John Hawkins

      February 1, 2019 at 10:56 am

      As usual Mr Halton, you have got it wrong.

      Most of the so-called estates here in Tasmania are a creation of the 1830s, and principally the result of Anglo-Indian families: Mercer, Dumaresq, Swanston, Meredith, Fenton, Loane, Crawford, Braddon, Young, Dumbleton and Mackenzie .. to name but a few.

      The weeds came with the seeds for their crops.

      If you read “They All Ran Wild, the Animals and Plants that Plague Australia” by Eric Rolls, you will get a better idea of the history behind our problems.

      If you pretend to be informed then please be well informed.

      PS: We do not have a garden .. we have a landscape which you and yours do everything to destroy, eg Plantations, Chudleigh North, Clear Fell and Burn, PTRs and MIS scams, with Forestry exempt from all Heritage and landscape legislation.

      In your part of the world, Cambria, the Anglo-Indian Meredith landscape is under threat, so I ask .. ‘who is getting a cut out of this deal in this your corrupt Tasmania?’ Or for that matter the cable car, the skyscraper hotels, or the veneer plants, the log trucks .. and I could go on.

      Please note, I am full of beans .. resulting in a good, solid fart issued in your honour.

      Archie has left the room.

      • MJF

        February 1, 2019 at 12:17 pm

        That’s an intriguing situation, Mr Hawkins.

        “My gardener of many years left” yet “We do not have a garden.” What does a gardener do .. if not gardening?

        And why didn’t you pay the poor old coot in cash as a way of helping?

        • John Hawkins

          February 1, 2019 at 1:39 pm

          Martin J Fitch .. a former Forestry Tasmania Forest Practices Officer.

          “What does a gardener do .. if not gardening?”

          What does a Forest Practices Officer do .. if not forestry?

          Think Mole Creek Water Supply and the Lilydale Water Supply, both requiring millions of dollars of public money to fix after the implementation of Forest Practices Plans drawn up by Forest Practices Officers.

          “Why didn’t you pay the poor old coot in cash as a way of helping?”

          Mr Fitch, because it is against the law .. a fact that seems to bother neither you or Halton.

          • MJF

            February 1, 2019 at 3:43 pm

            Mr Hawkins … you are sadly out of date and well off the pace re practicing foresters. It is also not against the law to pay someone in cash. It’s illegal for the recipient to not report the cash payments but that’s their call. Your reputation and community standing would have remained unquestionably squeaky clean and intact.

            Now, the garden that wasn’t for the one time gardener to not garden in .. if you please.

          • John Hawkins

            February 1, 2019 at 6:29 pm

            Martin J. Fitch (MJF) …

            Have you ever heard of a Zoological Garden or Botanical Garden a Farm or an Arboretum that all require gardeners to keep them in order?

            I have 1,200 acres with no gorse, thistles or ragwort. as I had a very good gardener to whom I will be ever grateful.

            Then you are not a plantsman, nor are you interested in rare and endangered animals. Your job has been to facilitate the destruction of the Tasmanian landscape and its forests by writing Forest Practices Plans that allow a rapacious, bankrupt, loss making industry, funded by the taxpayers, to convert native forests to wood chips .. and then replant using the MIS scam racket.

            As you correctly say, I am sadly out of date.

            With the implosion of that particular model, a model you so cleverly facilitated caused by the the bankruptcy of Gunns, Forestry Tasmania and all the other MIS scammers, you lost your source of income.

            Martin Fitch, were you ever paid a little bonus in notes by a grateful client for a FPP that netted them tens of thousands of dollars, and if so, did you declare it?

            My choice is not to pay my employees in cash.

            I must admit I thought everybody had to have an IBN Number, which my gardener did, and against his invoices for his most excellent work I paid by cheque,thus allowing me to claim the deduction.

  4. Jack

    January 31, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    It is the quality of these jobs that matters, as well as the mountain of tax that has been avoided and turned into profit.

    It has been well said in this link. Neoliberalism has jumped the shark.


    Unfortunately both major parties and The Greens have turned to mass immigration as a way to prime aggregate GDP. This pea-and- thimble trick avoids drawing attention to how the average person’s amenity is being sold and his living space crush loaded for profit.

    And what about all these jobs?

    Most of the jobs ‘created’ by immigrants are not the highly skilled capacities that the narrative suggests, and there is hard data on this as well. If you stay in an Australian hotel and chat to the low paid domestic staff you will see exactly what is going on. There is no ‘skills shortage’ but a shortage of people who are willing to work for low salaries and few benefits. This is the basis of the ‘miracle’ of ‘jobs ‘n growth’ and these numbers – and record profits. It feeds into an exploitative model that puts downward pressure on wages that benefits only the fantastically greedy using a labour market sourced from overseas that is essentially a visa scam.

    Industry bodies spruik a ‘skills shortage’ but this is a code for ‘people who will work for peanuts and live in flammable concrete dog boxes’ after they take out a loan and 3 jobs. This is our ‘economy’. This is what we have become. It is pathetic.

    I don’t blame the sicko ‘never have enough’ billionaires as much as the ALP and the union movement which sold workers and the middle class down the river and allowed business to write public policy for them.

    And I totally despise the legions of useful idiots chanting ‘racist, racist, racist .. ‘ when anyone points out simple facts as you have done in this article. Most have failed to comprehend that our society has been goosed by design and this has involved sophisticated public relations for amazingly thick enthusiasts of identity politics who think this is all about race, skin colour and ‘multiculturalism’.

    The ABC will not go near the issue as it has been a big part of conflating ‘multiculturalism’ of the past with mass immigration and mass exploitation of the present. The ABC cannot rise above an ideology that it is heavily invested in; diversity, vibrancy and PC drivel and racists lurking in the dark corners of inner city cafes.

    Because if you don’t want mass immigration and the destruction of our quality of life and the exploitation of foreign workers you are a racist. This is why despicable human beings like Innes Willox, who is an ex-journalist turned PR guru for an industry lobby, has created fake immigration/multicultural and anti-racist pacts and fake websites as a cottage industry. This is the same guy who tells us we have a ‘gas market’ rather than a gas cartel:


    His true motivation is transparent. Australian industry wants its slaves, and if you don’t agree that they do this for the sake of humanity, then you are a racist. Australian industry that pays stuff-all tax and promises ‘jobs’ in return for the privatisation of public resources is in effect a criminal organisation engaged in class war whilst telling everyone that a class war is horrific. The only class war they like is the one where people don’t fight back.

    Everyone with half a brain can now see what has been going on for three decades. We have an economy made dependent on mass immigration, and a declining standard of living unless you take on massive debt and shoulder the risk of a never-ending bubble.

    It is now all coming apart like an Opal apartment block.

  5. John Hawkins

    January 31, 2019 at 8:15 am

    I forgot to add that with seven states and territories at 68 Aussies employed per day on a countrywide basis, this equates to 9 new employees hired per day per capital city.

    Further we do not know the status of their employment, whether temporary or full time, or the hours of work to qualify as employed.

    My gardener of many years left because I could not agree to half a day a week as he was now 65, and if he worked any longer his pension would be cut.

    Spin your way out of that one, Morrison.

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