Tasmania … currently the highest CO2 producing Capital of Australia.

For those who wanted the tourists and mainland buyers of the state to disappear; for those who wanted World Heritage protection of  unique forests to disappear …  you got it … you got your wish!

The Heart  of Tasmania is on fire.

The water well of the nation is on fire.

Once upon a time it was called Gondwana, now to be rebadged Gonnawannaland !

When  the heart of one of coolest islands at the bottom of the world is on fire, what hope does the rest of the world have?

Claire Gilmour is a sixth generation Tasmanian, Claire owns and runs a small accommodation business, Shakespeare’s Wilderness Chalet, on the edge of the Tarkine near Rocky Cape.  An eco-warrior and bush fire survivor, Claire has seen the effects of climate change and government mismanagement first hand. She strives to help and champion the marginalized in any small way she can.