Equality advocates have called on all parties to rule out public votes on LGBTI equality.


The call comes in the wake of University of Sydney research which found the negative messages about LGBTI people that were ubiquitous during the marriage postal survey in 2017 caused increased levels of anxiety and depression.


Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome said,


“We call on all parties to rule out ever again subjecting the equal rights of LGBTI people to a public vote.”


“The damage the postal survey did was completely unnecessary because a decade of polling showed strong majority support, and because marriage equality could and should have been resolved by a free vote on the floor of Parliament.”


“This research shows that those community members and politicians who took a strong stand against the Government’s proposal for a public vote were right to do so.”


Mr Croome also called on federal politicians to act quickly and decisively against laws that allow LGBTI students and teachers to be discriminated against by faith-based schools.


“The postal survey research is a reminder of the adverse impacts of discrimination on the mental health of LGBTI people.”


“With opinion polls consistently show Australians oppose laws that allow discrimination against LGBTI students and teachers in faith-based schools, it’s time for Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten to act decisively and stop such discrimination.”


“Let’s not consign LGBTI teachers and students to the decade of indecision faced by same-sex couples who wanted to marry.”


“As we approach the start of the 2019 school year, it’s time for Australian political leaders to reflect the nation’s desire for all students and teachers to have the same discrimination protections.”


A poll released yesterday found over 70% support for protecting LGBTI students and teachers from discrimination. This confirms a poll released by just.equal in May last year which found around 80% support.


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