Will Hodgman, Premier

Peter Gutwein, Treasurer

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is disappointed at continuing industrial action from Unions, despite the concession from some union bosses last month that industrial action did not allow for good faith negotiations.

Tasmania’s hard-working public servants could have had a pay rise of 6 per cent over three years locked in and being paid since last December. It is very unfortunate that Unions have not accepted this.

Not only has the Government put formal offers to Unions of a fair and affordable six per cent over three years pay rise, but those offers have contained substantially improved terms and conditions which would provide additional financial benefits to public servants on top of the 2 per cent per year pay rise.

It is concerning to the Government that Union bosses have, in the main, refused to put these offers to members. They are delaying not only their own members, but all public servants, from receiving the pay rise and other improvements that the Government is offering.

As a result, today we have written to Unions to arrange a meeting next week regarding public sector wages. We would hope that union bosses will take this opportunity to genuinely engage and understand the parameters that the Government is working within.