In her exhibition, Explorations in Concrete, artist Emma Bugg investigates the material of concrete through a surprising avenue – the craft of jewellery.

The exhibition, opening at Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) on Thursday 14 February at 6pm, challenges us to reconsider our perceived value of jewellery.

There is a rawness to Emma’s materials and processes that underlies the beauty of the objects, small-scale sculptures and jewellery items in this exhibition.

The artworks are experimental, exploring the interesting surface textures and forms that can be achieved in concrete. The artist also embeds other materials into the concrete, including horse hair, brick, blue metal, Tasmanian abalone shell and iron.

Emma Bugg received a development grant funded by Arts Tasmania, allowing her to expand her skills and research innovative ways to work with concrete.

The exhibition Explorations in Concrete is open at MAC from Friday 15 February until Saturday 9 March.