Another four Little Penguins were found dead on the rocks in Waubs Bay this morning, with obvious signs of dog attack.  A shack owner found the bodies of the penguins on an early morning walk.

Spokesperson for the Earth Ocean Network, Lucy Landon-Lane said, “This further highlights the need for urgent action to protect our penguins from dog attack.  Following on from the public meeting in Bicheno yesterday, these additional deaths are very disturbing.  There have been further reports of dogs on the loose in Bicheno, which is deplorable.  Unfortunately some dog owners will not take responsibility for their dogs and continue to allow them to roam un-checked.  As discussed yesterday at the meeting, the penalty for vagrant dogs is pitifully low ($250),  and the fact that there is no authorised dog catcher in Bicheno means that there is no deterrence and the message is not getting across to some dog owners.

“In 2009 in Sydney, snipers were employed to protect a colony of Little Penguins which were being repeatedly attacked*. The Bicheno community truly hope that such drastic measures do not need to be employed here. The public meeting has fired up the community and the authorities to get serious about protecting these vulnerable birds because without adequate protection from dogs, cats and human intervention, there is a risk that Little Penguins may become extinct on mainland Tasmania.”