Elise Archer, Minister for Environment

Over 2,000 people have downloaded the recently launched app recording native roadkill on Tasmanian roads with more than 5,200 reports made.

It’s encouraging to see people have made use of the app and I encourage all Tasmanians to do the same.

Launched in July this year, the free Roadkill Tas app allows for consistent data collection to help develop a greater understanding of roadkill hotspots, as well as the species involved.

The app collects the data in real-time and maps of the reports show roadkill is being recorded right across the State – on arterial highways as well as local roads.

This information can then be used to determine road kill hotspots whereby mitigation methods can then be implemented to try and reduce roadkill in these areas.

Facts at a glance from the Roadkill Tas app

  • The new Roadkill Tas app has recorded roadkill across a number of native species including: Ringtail possums, Tasmanian pademelons, Bennetts wallabies, Brushtail possums, Common wombats, bandicoots, quolls, Tasmanian devils and Echidnas.
  • While the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STDP) has been recording devil roadkill for some time, and larger animals such as pademelons and possums are easily seen, the roadkill risk for some smaller species such as bandicoots, quolls, native hens and Tasmanian bettongs was not known before because it wasn’t being reported.
  • The figures show roadkill is a risk for many native species, not just those that are threatened and endangered.
  • The app has also collected a number of reports of mothers with pouch young. The majority of these reports have noted that the pouch young were sadly already deceased.
  • If you find a live animal that requires assistance, please call Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary on 0447 264 625 or Raptor Refuge on 1800 7270867.

The Hodgman Liberal Government Is committed to protecting threatened species in Tasmania and reducing roadkill across the State.