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Pacific nations under climate threat urge Australia to abandon coal within 12 years

Frustrated leaders appeal to ‘all OECD countries’ to phase out use as Australia signals support for new plants …

Pacific countries vulnerable to climate change have urged Australia to abandon coal power generation within 12 years, and to prohibit new coal plants or expansion of existing plants.

The call from 15 small Pacific island states came one day after the Australian government called for expressions of interest in new power generation projects, indicating it would be prepared to use taxpayer money to underwrite new coal plants …

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  1. Russell

    December 15, 2018 at 7:23 am

    12 years is too long. That’s just more head-up-arse policy.

    Stop all coal use within 2 years while disallowing any ramping up of extraction or exports and contracts beyond.

  2. max

    December 14, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Pacific nations under threat of climate change urge Australia to abandon coal within 12 years.

    It takes a few years for the climate to respond to emissions, but it takes a generation, at least, to change the emissions. In other words, the CO2 released today will not affect the climate for several years.

    The Pacific nations are being fed a heap of crap if they believe they have 12 years’ grace. They have not even been exposed to CO2 warming from several years ago, so add on 12 years and it will be all over.

    With the present CO2 level of 409 ppm the sea is warming and expanding, glaciers and ice caps are melting and in 12 years time the CO2 levels will be 434 ppm at the present rate rise.

    At the present levels of CO2 we are having huge highs and lows with the accompanying storm surges all over the world.

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