Guy Barnett, Minister for Energy

David O’Byrne’s ridiculous fearmongering on federal energy legislation is nothing but another attempt to outshine Rebecca White and get himself in the news.

O’Byrne’s scaremongering is completely baseless. The legislation is designed to crack down on energy companies responsible for skyrocketing mainland power prices.

There is no way in the world Hydro will be privatised. It’s an important Government asset and plays a key role in helping Tasmanians get the lowest power prices in the nation.

It was David O’Byrne’s sister who put selling energy businesses on the table during the election campaign. Asked directly if Labor wants to sell TasNetworks last year, Michelle O’Byrne said to ABC Mornings “Is selling TasNetworks the best way to do that? I don’t know that yet and I don’t think you should put anything off the table”.

Tasmania already has the lowest prices in the nation – and Hydro as a Government-owned business has helped to achieve this.

This latest stunt is nothing but fearmongering and Labor should hang their heads in shame.