LABOR will give Australia two new environment PROCESSES: legislation and an environment ‘protection’ authority. No specifics there.

Bob Brown Foundation has released a list of 10 ways that Labor failed the environment at the National Conference.

But, let’s get to 10 specifics, Labor WILL

  • NOT stop the Adani mine.
  • NOT end more coal mine start-ups.
  • NOT protect Tasmania’s Tarkine.
  • NOT create a Great Forest National Park in Victoria.
  • NOT end native forest logging.
  • NOT halt Japanese whaling south of Australia


• FLATTEN Belfast Coastal Reserve, its Hooded plovers and Aboriginal sites.

  • LICENSE forest furnaces.
  • OIL DRILL in the Great Australian Bight.
  • FRACK northern Australia.

    “Vote Labor and that’s what you’ll get!” Bob Brown said today.