After two weeks of intense discussion and briefings, the Legislative Council has deferred debate on the Justice and Related Legislation (Marriage Amendments) Bill 2018 until March 2019.

‘The amendments to the bill put forward by Labor and the Greens and passed with the support of Speaker, Sue Hickey, in the Lower House had several drafting issues and potential inconsistencies with existing legislation’, said Women Speak Tasmania spokesperson, Bronwyn Williams.

‘It is unfortunate that these problems, which should have been apparent to the proponents of the changes, have delayed passage of a simple procedural amendment confirming the legality of same-sex marriage in Tasmania’.

‘We are thankful the Legislative Council takes its role as a house of legislative review seriously, and members have decided it is vitally important they get it right when debating all laws that come before them’.

‘We believe a full parliamentary inquiry is necessary to allow the Tasmanian people to better inform themselves and have their say about any significant amendments to birth registration and anti-discrimination laws’.

‘We thank the Legislative Council for the opportunity to present our position, and look forward to contributing to the ongoing public debate on this issue’.