Well most of us citizens have worked out that climate change is a reality and is pretty certain to be the result of human activity.  It appears that across the world only odd Trump like dribbles of conservatism, including much of our local Coalition government are still parading in denial.

But the majority of people are ready to make changes.  Now the problem is we are not entirely sure how to go about this, how to rectify our behavior.

Some parts are easy, for example renewables.  And people’s governments such as the ALP in Victoria and a future Federal ALP are empowering folk to carry out a solar revolution.

However the big question remains unanswered: We know that global warming kicked off with the rise of Eighteenth Century industrialization, people in Europe firing up small scale coal workshops, powering machines to create objects, trains, boats, rails, nails and so on.  Then the next slice of logic is historically accepted as well.

Namely the subsequent rise of bourgeoise capitalism … that beast requiring eternal growth, returning a grand profit at the expense of labour and the environment and always pumping out more goods or services in which to sustain an affluent life styles of a few.

The capitalist eternal growth economy is the instrument of global warming. And economic growth is the underpinning of capitalist economy.   This also remains true for the state capitalism of China.

The China rise … all carried out in the creation of industrialization, pumping CO2 into the atmosphere through masses of coal, much of it exported from, yes us, Australia.  So China raised its living standards to a more western model and we plundered a resource, best friend of global warming, coal, for own affluence.   CO2 emission galore!

Mining of course is a mainstay of our economy.  We appear to prefer the rape and plunder style economy in this country, rip us the earth for resources or plunder the soil through inappropriate forms of agriculture.  Both of course underpin our growth economy but ultimately neither option is sustainable.

Interestingly Services {really this is about shuffling everyone’s money around and the rich taking an unfair share of the movement) and Tourism are often touted as a potential to employ thousands of people as mining and agriculture decline.

Recently that eminent Tasmanian Bob Brown surprisingly emerged with a rather capitalist means of saving the magnificent Tarkine from wood choppers, namely tourism.  In theory an excellent idea, in theory? However if we think of wealthy folk flying in from the mainland of from across the world, driving down to south Tasmania, we have some pretty significant global emissions in just reaching the tourist point. So capitalism here provides us with two worst options… wood chopping or tourism. Is it not possible leave the Tarkine alone?

By and large tourism is about poor under employed folk catering to the whims and pleasures of the better off, well really, cleaning up after the bourgeoisie and assisting in catering for their food pleasures.  Tourism bosses might make a great deal of money, but only casualized, servile jobs for workers.

It might be interesting to calculate the emissions generated by construction of luxury accommodation trucked in the southern Tasmania, transport costs for the workforce… might the emissions perhaps out way any benefits, even before we see fly-ins?

However mass protest have worked before, Dr Brown would remember…undoubtedly the best option for the Tarkine.

So we must ease ourselves out the eternal growth economy of capitalism to stop global warming.  Look at those grand school kids berated by our coal hugging Prime Minister, ready to leave school and protest at government inactivity on climate change. Great kids, showing us a path to the future.

The road block of course is always vested interests at a higher level, the masters of industry, the tsars of the economy, the political conservatives.  Clearly they are going to fight any structural changes to the capitalist system.  Profit and growth are their raison d’etre.  Frankly leaving such people in charge of the mission to curb global warming is a little like leaving a pedophile priest in charge of a school.

It might not be quite as difficult a revolution we think.  Taking the proverbial cricket bat to Governments who don’t set us on the path to curbing emission.  Time for citizens to rejoin unions, not just for better wages but for pressuring businesses who do not implement changes to mitigate global warming… naming and shaming.  Remember the mining tax, insist on its return and that mining taxes are returned to climate change mitigation reforms.  Perhaps a slice of share holder profits in the service sector might also be swerved off in this direction… just keep thinking fellow citizens.  And never forget the power of people protest!

Josephine Zananiri lives in the Independent electorate of Indi and currently works in the manual labour arena tending native and exotic trees,  so has plenty of time to think.  Followed everywhere by her two dogs Percy and Fino who generally agree on all subjects, only occasionally deserting the conversation in the chase for samba deer!  Slight differences in logic can therefore be attributed to the two woofers leaving their critical post!