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First Day … a celebration of the churches & cathedrals of Lisboa

Being religious is not a requirement for appreciating the majesty and artistry of Lisboa’s churches and cathedrals that date back almost 1,000 years ago. Simply walking around the city is the best way to see them; there seems to be a different church or cathedral in every block. The architecture and artistry inside each of them is different and simply stunning. The first time I went to Lisboa’s it was in order to get to Cabo Verde (2014). I have been back twice since then (2016, 2018) but now I simply go to immerse myself in Lisboa – the most romantic city in the world and the home of fado music …

Dr Geoff Holloway was State Secretary of the United Tasmania Group (UTG) 1974-77 and again since revival of UTG two years ago. Geoff has a PhD (sociology), specialising in social movements, health and research methods; poet (4 books published); climber; traveller – two years in Chilean & Argentinean Patagonia, but also Colombia, Ecuador and Brasil, twice recently to Cabo Verde and Lisbon, fluent in Spanish, understands written Portuguese; focus over past 20 years on children with disabilities, child protection and youth justice issues.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Russell

    December 3, 2018 at 7:33 am

    They are symbols of the obscene pure greed and manipulation of the weak-minded.

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