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Women Call for Parliamentary Inquiry into Transgender Law Reforms

Women Speak Tasmania briefed honourable members of the Legislative Council today, offering our perspective on Labor and the Greens’ proposed amendments to the Justice and Related Legislation (Marriage Amendments) Bill 2018. 

‘We outlined the very real negative impacts on the rights of female persons to safe, female-only spaces if biological male persons are able to become legally female simply by signing a statutory declaration to that effect’, said Women Speak Tasmania spokesperson, Bronwyn Williams.

‘We also expressed our concerns about the inclusion of ‘gender expression’ in the ‘hate speech’ provisions of the Anti-discrimination Act, and the possibility people may find themselves quite unintentionally in breach of the law if they use an incorrect name, pronoun or honorific’. 

‘Contrary to the assertions of Transforming Tasmania and their parliamentary supporters, Labor, the Greens and Government speaker, Sue Hickey, these detrimental effects are real, and they’re happening as we speak in several overseas jurisdictions’.

‘This is not scaremongering, we are not spreading misinformation and we are certainly not lying, and we have provided evidence of our claims to the honourable members’.

‘Given the complexity of the amendments and the possible implications for birth registration processes and anti-discrimination law, we strongly recommend the changes be referred to a parliamentary committee for enquiry and consultation’.

‘There may also be significant inconsistencies between these new laws and existing legislation such as the Commonwealth Family Law Act that will need to be resolved’.

‘We believe there is no social licence for these broad ranging changes, nor has there been a proper risk assessment of their effects.  In fact, the wider Tasmanian community knows virtually nothing about what occurred in Parliament in Tuesday 21 November’, said Miss Williams.

Women Speak Tasmania

  • Bronwyn Williams, Isla MacGregor   
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  1. RSmith

    November 25, 2018 at 9:54 am

    These trans activists and transtrenders at the moment are very creepy and misogynistic no doubt, the way these laws are snuck through and their treatment of normal women.

    If you’re unwilling to communicate and be respectful of everyone else, how do you expect empathy? Of course everyone else will be “transphobic”. The SSM debate was done openly, so everyone knew, and it was also about consenting adults, not involving children like these trans laws.

    About 10+ years ago, before this leftist mess started, I remember meeting at least one or two trans people. They were fine, and just got on with life normally, but they did have actual jobs, not these professional protesters at the moment.

  2. Kate

    November 23, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Headline correction.

    Sex chromosome XX and XXX people call for Parliamentary Inquiry into Transgender Law Reforms

  3. Isla MacGregor

    November 23, 2018 at 6:59 am

    The Legislative Council certainly has no real understanding about the far reaching consequences, for girls and women especially, of the proposed transgender law reforms.

    Importantly, they also do not comprehend the impacts on freedom of speech and the potential role out of language edicts to reinforce transideology.

  4. Lola Moth

    November 23, 2018 at 6:13 am

    Those trying to link the proposal to alter birth certificates with SSM are devious in the way they conflate the issues.

    SSM was widely debated so that those on both sides of the issue could ask questions and get straight answers to them. Educating people through public debate and discussion ensured that the SSM plebiscite was successful and that Australians were confident with the result.

    The proposals about birth certificate changes have thrown up hundreds of questions that are not being answered. The Tasmanian Law Reform Commission needs to thoroughly look at this first, then it should be publicly discussed and debated before going to the Legislative Council.

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