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Scott Morrison says he ‘won’t cop the excuses’ for extremist violence – politics live

Foodbank funding cut reversed by Coalition after outcry, as fallout continues from Michelle Guthrie’s explosive revelations. All the day’s events, live …

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Russell

    November 14, 2018 at 7:30 am

    Morrison cuts food bank money while handing out millions so that others can get pissed and pregnant, which is where all their unwanted illegitimate children will be getting their food from.

    Half a billion dollars is going to upgrade the War Memorial. What for?

    Half a billion went to maaates .. to do who knows what for the Great Barrier Reef?

    Now they want to turn the Top End into the nation’s “food bowl”. Well, that’s been floated a gazillion times and tried a few times, but it has never worked. Contrary to their beliefs, my 13 year experience in the Top End says it does NOT have a reliable annual rainfall. Not only that, but the only time of year you can grow European crops is in the dry season when there is DEFINITELY no rain, and all the rivers are low. The soil is extremely poor, so everything will be totally chemically and artificially grown. But it won’t survive. No doubt the Top End will be left as dry, parched and barren as the rest of Australia.

    Just for once – can we start living WITH nature?

    What a moronic pack of idiots we have in Parliament.

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