Tasmanian Times has six books by authors including Morris Gleitzman and Andy Griffiths to give away …  Twinkle, Twinkle little Bat, Beastly bedtime stories for all kinds of kids

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Paula’s screed …

If you are still hungering for Halloween you can revisit it with some tasteful or rather tasty tales and some fun frights in this anthology of batty stories from some of Australia’s favourite authors.

The ever unpredictable Andy Griffiths gives us  in ‘Sleepover of Doom’ a story asking the reader to predict the ending. This choose your own ending tale is a tangled trip from a seemingly innocent sleepover. From sleepwalking to out of control cars and a Zombie thrown in for atmosphere the kids in the tale have a ride even more risky than building another floor on that famous tree house!

Another stand out story is’ Draclia’ by the marvellous Morris Gleitzman. A little brother is suspicious of the neighbour Jarrod being a vampire. Little clues, such as his desire to sleep for 12 hours and his skin’s sensitivity to light contribute to this theory.

When the two brothers go to Jarrod’s house to investigate they are invited to feast on rare and bloody steak! Make up your own mind but like the brothers have some garlic on hand: )

The book is aimed at children/young adults but there’s a smile and a scare for all within its pages.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat is out now published by Pan Macmillan.