There is a first time for everything. We would like, for the first time, to blow our own trumpet about a new book. It’s a book that, for the first time, has been imagined, commissioned, designed and published by Forty South. It’s a book that blows Tasmania’s trumpet. It’s an amazing book.

Towns of Tasmania: A Journey through Time has taken almost two years to go from dream to reality. Amazing books do not happen without amazing talent. We wanted beautiful words, and we asked Bert Spinks to provide them. We wanted beautiful photographs and we asked Pen Tayler to provide them. We wanted great design to bring it all together, and Kent Whitmore provided it.

Forty South Publishing has a lot of friends, including you, and we are writing to every one of those friends to ask you to join us for a very special occasion – the official launch of this book with the wonderful Tasmanian author, Lian Tanner at Fullers Bookshop on Wednesday, December 5 at 5.30pm.

Meet Bert Spinks, meet Pen Tayler, meet a glass of Pooley wine, and meet the glossy new book on the Tasmanian narrative bookshelf. See you there!

RSVP via return email by Monday, December 3.

There will also be a launch at Petrarchs Bookshop in Launceston on Thursday, December 6 at 6.00pm. Tasmanian writer, poet and playwright, Cameron Hindrum will do the honours up there.

Lucinda Sharp & Chris Champion are DIRECTORS, Forty South Publishing Pty Ltd