You know the type – some story about how you can become successful by getting up in the dark, making the bed until the sheets snap then running a half marathon.

Bugger that. I’m often still awake at 4am and don’t need some muscle-bound commando giving me lifestyle tips.

My point? Every time there’s a story about the rewards of getting up early, running and bedmaking, plenty of people give it a shot.

Nobody sticks at it longer than a few days, because that sort of routine sucks. But the fact people even try it tells me something – a lot of people are unhappy with their lives, and want change.

They don’t just want to get buff and disciplined. They want to get rich, too. And all this has to happen NOW.

Every year, thousands of Aussies blow millions on get rich quick schemes. “Make a six-figure income with this 90% automated business.” Garbage like that.

Here’s the uncomfortable truth: Nobody ever got rich by not doing much (except perhaps Paris Hilton). Nobody ever got a six pack by resting on the couch, unless it was out of the fridge. Deep down inside though, a lot of us like to believe there must be an easy fix somewhere.

That’s why people like Loretta are a menace.

I stumbled across Loretta on Facebook, where she was busy explaining how you can change your life in just a few hours each week.

All it takes, according to Loretta, is to have the right attitude. Then you can start your own internet business, download some motivational memes, then sit back and rake in the cash.

There’s no catch at all, except you have to pay Loretta’s ‘mentoring’ fees before you find out about the ‘business opportunity’.

Actually, it’s not a business at all. It’s a cryptocurrency marketing pyramid scheme. That won’t stop Loretta from scamming a few bucks from the gullible and desperate.

There are thousands of Lorettas out there. They run property seminars, sell diet supplements, flog share market software, even promote themselves as personal wealth coaches.


They’ve all got one thing in common – they’re offering something they can’t deliver. And it will cost you a bundle to find that out.

Want to get rich? Then I’ve got some great news. If you’ve got a regular income and half a brain, then anyone can do it.

There’s a catch: It takes perseverance, discipline and a whole lot of time. And that’s way too hard for most people.

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