Women Speak Tasmania have condemned Labor and the Green’s attempt to fast track legislation on changes to Birth Certificates to remove sex markers.


Spokesperson Isla MacGregor said


“We are appalled at this attempt especially as their is no social license to push for these changes. There has been no statewide community consultation on any reforms to transgender or anti discrimination laws concerning sex or gender.”


“The Tasmanian community are confused about the debate over sex and gender and before the Parliament debates any issues concerning transgender law reform, the community must have the right to inform themselves and participate in this discussion.”


“Women’s voices have been locked out of this discussion. ”


“Women and girls should not be collateral  damage in the pursuit of transgender rights. Their rights should no be sacrificed to poorly conceived laws”


“Despite their proposal to remove sex markers from birth certificates, we believe the primary agenda of Labor and the Greens is to allow transgender persons to change the sex marker on their birth certificates on the basis of self identification alone.”


“This Self identification will have a negative impact  on the rights of girls and women to female only spaces, services and facilities.”


“Let Tasmanians have their say through the Law Reform Institute who have been asked by the Government to conduct an inquiry into these matters.” said Isla MacGregor