OCTOBER 11 2018  Salamanca Arts Centre kicks off the next round of a two-year, 3 part, professional developmental program, SITUATE: Artists in Festivals (SAIF).  


Commencing with a 14-day residential arts laboratory (SITUATE: Arts-Lab) in Tasmania for 15 nationally selected emerging arts practitioners and led by SITUATE Provocateurs and Mentors (which include national and internationally acclaimed artists, curators and festival designers).


The selected 15 will engage in the development of new experimental artworks for future national and international arts festivals.


The 2018 SITUATE: Arts Lab includes:


  • A day on country with Tasmanian Aboriginal community members at Oyster Cove
  • A journey to Queenstown to attend The Unconformity (SAIF festival partner) to watch and experience first iteration performances of previous Arts Lab artists;
  • Time to travel, meet and work with some of our Festival Partner Directors who are currently in Tasmania (Vrystaat Arts Festival Sth Africa, ANTI Festival FINLAND, Fringe World, Darwin Festival, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 10 Days on the Island and Mona Foma)
  • A closed residential in Tarraleah to work and develop first drafts closely with Arts Lab Provocateurs
  • A closed session with internationally renowned performance artist STELARC and Nina Sellars.


 “The SITUATE program excels at encouraging and supporting artists to take risks. We support the artist as they develop their concept, and we provoke and stimulate their thinking in new and exciting ways. We then ‘match make’ them with the right festival, who commissions a research and development stage, and then the final art work. Our mentors and provocateurs assist the artists through all stages of an artworks’ lifecycle, from concept to realisation.”  Emma Porteus, SITUATE Executive Producer.


“One important part of the program like the SITUATE Arts Lab is that it enables artists to connect with other artists and festival partners which then generates ideas and opportunities for new projects. My favourite part about the SITUATE Arts Lab is that it encourages the development of works with an innovative outlook, exploring emerging mediums both within and beyond festival space.” Eve Klein, International Artist and SAIF Provocateur.



SITUATE Art In Festivals is a Salamanca Arts Centre for Early Career Artists assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.





Theia Connell (TAS)

Steven Cybulka (SA)

Beth Dillon (NSW)

Arie Glorie (VIC)

Amala Groom (NSW)

Liam James (TAS)

Loren Kronemyer (WA)

Youbi Lee (VIC)

Sinsa Mansell (TAS)

Kate McDowell (QLD)

Su-An Ng (NSW)

Anna Seymour (VIC),

Alexandra Spence (NSW)

Alexandra Tálamo (NSW)

Sara Wright (TAS)




Jessie FRENCH https://www.situate.org.au/jessie-french


Edward HORNE https://www.situate.org.au/edward-horne-1


Jonathan KIMBERLEY https://www.situate.org.au/jonathan-kimberley


Eve KLEIN https://www.situate.org.au/eve-klein-2


Erica MCCALMAN https://www.situate.org.au/erica-mccmalman


Tristan MEECHAM https://www.situate.org.au/tristan-meecham


Deborah POLLARD https://www.situate.org.au/deborah-pollard-1


Sam ROUTLEDGE https://www.situate.org.au/sam-routledge


Nina SELLARS https://www.situate.org.au/nina-sellars


STELARC https://www.situate.org.au/stelarc-sellers


Wiloh S. WEILAND https://www.situate.org.au/willoh-sweiland