We have a record field of candidates standing for Huon Valley Council in October, with 27 in total, and no less than 13 women all  seeking to represent the Huon Valley.

There is a wealth of talent in the field, with some  candidates holding tertiary qualifications in planning, architecture, economics, psychology and  psychics, so coping  with the Council agenda should not prove too much of a challenge !

After the sacking of the last Council in 2016, we learned that the Board of inquiry cost the Valley $360,000, plus extra for the  Page Seagar report , legal advice and paying out the  former GM  contract, all amounting to well over $500,000 !

Like many people in the Valley, the only  approach in my view is to ensure it cannot ever happen again, by not choosing anyone from the last Council, or those that they are now associated  with, in a new group branded as ” independents”.

The bad behaviour of some in the sacked Council was disgraceful, as was the bullying, lack of respect,  and absence of any willingness to work together.

We all need to do our homework on the choices, to ensure that we finish up with a new team who  will act  at all times, in the best interests of the Community.

The bottom line is that the next Council must work well, in a positive and constructive manner, or risk being amalgamated  with Kingborough.