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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Doubts about Tasmanian Law Reform Institute Impartiality

On Wednesday 17 October the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute (TLRI)  co-sponsored – with Transforming Tasmania – a forum at the University of Tasmania titled, ‘Transforming Tasmania: Legal reforms for gender diverse and intersex equality’.

A week earlier, Women Speak Tasmania contacted the TLRI and offered to present a women’s rights perspective on transgender law reform at this forum.

Our offer was politely declined, with the TLRI advising they were supporting the forum “to promote discussions about options to better protect the rights of all Tasmanians”.  Apparently “all Tasmanians” doesn’t include advocates for women’s rights.

The TLRI also advised they did not have “a current referral to make recommendations to the government on this topic”.  Now the issue of transgender law reform has been referred to the Institute by Attorney-General, Elise Archer, how can we be assured they will be impartial, given their sponsorship of the Transforming Tasmania event and the rejection of an offer to present an alternative position?

Women Speak Tasmania is developing a series of policies addressing a range of issues in the transgender rights debate.  Two of those policies, dealing with anti-discrimination law and birth certificate changes, were released earlier this week.


Transgender rights lobby group, Transforming Tasmania, believes the amendments to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1999 (Tas) introduced into the Lower House of the Tasmanian parliament on 16 October are inadequate.  They are advocating for more radical changes, including the removal of sex markers from birth certificates.

Women Speak Tasmania agrees entirely with the Attorney-General’s position that more extensive legislative reforms should not be undertaken without broad ranging community consultation.

We also need to be assured the terms of reference for the TLRI inquiry will properly address the impact of ALL proposals for legislative amendment on ALL members of the community.

Finally, will the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute agree to co-sponsor a forum with Women Speak Tasmania, and will the University of Tasmania provide us with a venue?

Women Speak Tasmania is a network of individuals, led by women and open to women, men, and transsexual and intersex people who support our work for women’s rights.  We put sex before ‘gender’.

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  1. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    October 20, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Modern totalitarianism has been privatised. Joseph Goebbels descendants in the PR, marketing and advertising business have managed a degree of control of not just ‘information management’ but consciousness itself, and the behaviour that stems from it. They, not the nation-state, represent the Orwellian-dream-come-true.

    This system is available for use by everybody looking for leverage within our deregulated and privatised social infrastructure which is a product of an economic system that runs consumption and production to meet it on the basis of indulgence and fantasy rather than mere needs and wants. Needs and wants are not enough to maintain desired levels of economic growth … and haven’t been since the 1960s.

    In the process, liberal democratic and familial/reproductive structures have been systematically colonised and conflated into the marketed consumer culture to the point there is nothing left of the original structures at all.

    This system doesn’t just work for the big corporates, but any other opportunists who can merge their demands into the consumer commodification of consciousness and the master agenda of capital to remove any boundaries or rules-based behaviour that obstruct the meeting of any fantasy that can be sold. All that master agenda is interested in is creating and inflating desire, building it into a commodified pseudo identity and then providing the means to satiate it.

    The perfect consumers are shop troopers with all their autonomous self managing social/existential control software removed. And the market and social libertarian ascendancies are equally implicated in this Orwellian perversion of late modern societies.

    The only reason that the principled feminist sexual politic never seems to have got traction is because it wants to re-regulate and de-privatise our social culture. Unfortunately, its sexual-political agenda only had the commodifiable sexy bits absorbed into the culture, which effectively turned women and girls into sexual commodities and servants, and ‘the politics’ were quietly marginalized into the rubbish dump of history.

    The transgen lobby is an extension of the drives of Indulgence Capitalism. Feminism isn’t, and it can’t be. The transgen lobby uses the tactics of big tobacco and big coal to run its agenda, and they work just as well and behave in exactly the same way as they do for the corporates.

    The corporatocracy has quietly suborned democratic process and the transgen people use exactly the same corrupted methodology. All Isla and Bronwyn are doing is pointing that out.

    But it isn’t because transgen people are any more personally perverse than their corporate counterparts. It isn’t personal. It is systemic. It isn’t that transgen activists are personally immoral narcissists. There just aren’t any moral rules left. Rules-based behaviour and moral boundaries have been systematically destroyed over a 50-70 year period, leaving nothing but an egoistic adolescent sense of exceptionalism in its wake. Responsible and other regarding adult behaviours are no longer the preferred social product.

    The behaviour of the transgen lobby is exactly the same as what has been coming out of the banking royal commission. The mummies and daddies of current board members didn’t morally potty train their future little corporate hotshots out of their infantile egoism. This disease is now a pandemic being felt right through what is left of our social system and into its bottom end permanent welfare ‘communities’.

    Liberty and rights have had all the responsible agency, stewardship and disciplined training for them pulled out as they have been systematically turned into consumer freebies. These can be had on demand by any opportunists with an axe to grind, a small group of ‘unrepresentative swill’ activists who can wield it, some generous and motivated funders, a good sounding line, strategically placed public mouthpieces and ‘news placement .. and lo and behold ..’a movement’ is born. And it keeps mysteriously ‘appearing’ in the social firmament, as if by the grace of its beautiful sounding slogans, keywords, euphemisms dysphemisms and wretched ideological cliches, it were some kind of ‘new wave’ of ‘progress’.

    Baloney it is!

  2. Isla MacGregor

    October 20, 2018 at 6:57 am

    The Leading Article in The Times yesterday had this to say about the current debate in the UK:

    ‘When female birth certificates are available to all, even theoretically, existing equalities legislation cannot survive. Nor is it clear what will replace it …

    Feminist gatherings have been protested against and attacked. Academics have been harassed and ostracised. The Times’ columnist Janice Turner, whose pioneering journalism has highlighted the implications of legal and social change, has been targeted with abuse.

    Tolerance and respect are the ambitions of any civilised society, and for transgender people both are long overdue. Yet other vulnerable groups have a stake here, too. Concerns of biological women must not be silenced. With this consultation at an end, a far broader and far calmer debate must begin.’

    In The Times poll ‘Should everyone who identifies as female have access to female-only spaces?’ a whopping 97% said NO.

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