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It’s been a big few days for those iconic sails by the harbour. Australia’s best loved building found itself at the centre of a meltdown all culminating in a race to be run today. Crikey had a first-hand account of the “light-based protest”, but also dug deeper looking at how the racing and gambling industries are pulling the strings and whether there’s any such thing as bad publicity?

Elsewhere we’ve explained the upcoming Geoffrey Rush trial, Malaysia’s mammoth 1MDB sovereign wealth fund scandal and taken a look at Taylor Swift’s newfound political interest. Most important of all, the IPCC report this week made us ask the question: can Australia kick its coal habit?

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What can we do about another disappointing government sell-out?


Governments assume giving public spaces like the Opera House and Federation Square to commercial interests will not harm them. It will.

The only winners in the Geoffrey Rush defamation hearing will be the viewers


If either party ever thought they had this under control, they don’t anymore. This show will go on and on.

Why Timor-Leste took its $484 million Greater Sunrise gamble


The oil-dependent country’s acquisition of ConocoPhillips’ 30% Greater Sunrise stake is seen as the final step in securing sovereignty. But is it worth the risk?

Australian politics isn’t fit for purpose in a burning world


Fossil fuel companies wield systemic power to make sure the political system works in their interests, not the community’s.

Can Australia kick its coal habit by 2040?

The technology trends mean the transition to a coal-free Australia is inevitable. But, without government support it will be extremely difficult to achieve this within the time-frame that the IPCC says is necessary.
— Nicky Ison

The IPCC report says we need to get out of coal by 2040. It’s a stark proposition for the political class, but can we do it? Absolutely.

The value of Taylor Swift’s political endorsement


You can enjoy the looks, quips and works of a celebrity very much while remaining entirely unmoved by their political advice.

An introduction to Malaysia’s unfathomably large 1MDB fraud scandal


We examine Malaysia’s multibillion dollar 1MDB sovereign wealth fund scandal, which may well be remembered as the textbook case of financial fraud in the modern age.

Nothing to see here: inside the Ramsay Centre’s proposed curriculum


Debate around the proposed Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation seems endless. We look at its intended curriculum.

The new book by an IPA fellow that is head-scratchingly nuanced


Matthew Lesh’s heavily researched theory on socio-economic divides would give Andrew Bolt a heart attack.

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Not all horses: a response to The Daily Telegraph


Brave Smash, prize winning horse, weighs in on the biggest debate of the week.

Let’s not talk about sex, baby


With the advice on the needs, benefits and restrictions of sex being constantly yelled at us, it’s a wonder how anybody retains any sort of libido in the West at all.

The Libs weaponise happy-clappy politics in an empty culture war


The new hope of the Liberal Party, as they see it, is a corner of the society that forever believes Jesus wants to lower taxes and stop the boats.

Where is Australia’s response to Saudi Arabia?

The likely murder of Khashoggi raises a more serious question than Australia’s willingness to speak up on the regime’s crimes. The willingness of the regime to use its diplomatic network to commit murder poses a risk to every country where Saudi Arabia has a diplomatic presence.

— Bernard Keane

While Saudi Arabia compiles a growing list of atrocities, Australia stays silent. But Bernard Keane asks if Australians safe from the regime.

Alan Jones doesn’t control New South Wales, political donations do


Racing NSW and the rest of the gambling lobby have long called the shots in NSW because they give the government so much money.

Where is Australia’s response to Saudi Arabia?


While Saudi Arabia compiles a growing list of atrocities, Australia stays silent. So, are Australians safe from the regime?

Nine maps that help explain why a ‘neo-fascist’ could become president of Brazil


How did a far-right candidate Bolsonaro remains a firm favourite for victory in the second round of voting in the Brazilian presidential elections?

Crikey roundtable: what’s the harm of blocking LGBTIQ students and teachers?

Alison Whittaker, Madeleine Crofts, Liz Duck-Chong and David Donaldson share their experiences on the reality of schools and LGBTIQ students.

It’s time for a reckoning on FOFA


The major bank lobby group now wants to fix the Future of Financial Advice framework. But they were the ones who got us in this mess.

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