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Colonial convict transportation re-invoked: Our own offshore concentration camps and still ongoing Australian Government crimes against humanity …

Pic: Jane Salmon

Senator Nick Mckim’s release of the redaction-scarred official letter – denying him access to Nauru – is a chilling revelation of the depths to which our own, so called “free democracy” has sunk.

We elect and put in place – as our own democratic peoples’ tribunes – those Senators trusted with the duty and the responsibility to oversee and inspect, to hold all lower house acts, policy and governance under senatorial review and inspection all on our behalf: that is, under the Australian people’s oversight.

It is an utter disgrace that such a letter should be citing an Australian government agency’s “wishes” (for which, substitute “instructions”) as authority for Nauru’s denying our own Australian peoples’ elected senatorial representative.

Remember that our own elected senatorial representative was seeking only access to those whom we have sent – as non convicted prisoners, people whose only crime was a dream of a new life, in a new land – to Nauru.

But no one who is conversant with our own past history ought to be surprised by such events – I suppose – seeing that our own elected Australian leaders chose to ship offshore, and to send away unwanted peoples being transported, thus, to turn other islands into the kind of gaols which saw the first stain of European invasion and occupation of this continent.

The concentration camps that we established upon Nauru and Christmas Island are just another modern theme and variation upon that brutal kind of deprivation and transportation which helped to create the British penal colonies – filled with discards – whose guarding forces first invaded this land, nearly 250 years ago.

It is utterly unconscionable that so many suffering minds and souls still remain imprisoned – on Australian governmental behalf – on prison islands holding human beings remaining denied and detained, locked away by a vile, inhumane, totally unjust system of imprisoning concentration and containment camps.

I call them concentration camps for what we recreated – on Christmas Island and Nauru – are in fact just updated, better-appointed, offshore models of that army rounded up concentrated control and confinement of an imprisoned population: an old answer that was re-invented by the British, in the Boer War.

The British used their notorious Boer War camps to round up and “concentrate” a rural population of mostly old men, women and children, all forced from their often razed and burnt lands and homes – at bayonet point – as such people were working and maintaining the farms and food supplies that helped feed and sustain the guerrilla-fighting dispersed Boer armies maintaining a brave and continuing – grossly out-gunned and out-numbered – but skilful resistance fought against British invasion, oppression, and ongoing, commerce and profit motivated, war crimes.

The solution to this ongoing guerrilla resistance – for the British – were camps designed to do many similar things to what we are doing, now, with our own Aussie concentration camps, built on other people’s islands.

Both kinds of camp – set more than one hundred years apart, but all connected, by the common means, if not by exactly the same purpose and intent, through time – represent a common strain of cruel, brutal, de-humanising, deadly kind of “concentration and control” solution to a common sort of “unwanted persons” problem – again of a different kind, and with different aims and reasons – as those which the Nazis (inspired by the British Boer War model) also used to first concentrate and control (and then, of course, to eliminate) those “undesirables” being rounded up and carted off, in their own time and realm.

Concentration Camps will kill people, always – either directly and intentionally, or indirectly and unintentionally – but often by the same kinds of slower, more unseen reasons, in many different times, settings and situations.

People die when you concentrate and contain their free civil rights of liberty of thought, hope, dream and aspiration, as well as of their free choice in travel for work, recreation, play and movement, all because – even with better amenities, and with better kinds of even better provided intentions for feeding, housing, health and care – a prison is still a prison, while a concentration camp will be, always – a concentration camp – one that is attempting to define and confine, contain and control the free expression of the human soul and spirit,

What we have built, offshore, for the boat people, are concentration camps: do not ever think to doubt or debate that fact.

When you fence people in by surrounding them with wire or walls or by the sea surrounding tiny islands of oppression – and no matter how well you may seek to cater for, feed and care for such concentration camp inmates – still, because of the very substance, style and nature of what you are engaged in doing – that is, denying and depriving a person’s liberty and freedom, then, by the very fact of that act of isolating and restraining them – the soul and spirit must suffer within and beneath any extended period of confinement, especially one having no certainty of time of end, or of outcome.

If you shut people in and then chuck away their keys of any foreseeable hope of choice for freedom, in the future, they will inevitably suffer, fret and fade away slowly into a sad and slow decline which – in many instances – may end in physical death or – even worse, at times, in that death of the inner life and spirit, in that death of morale and will to live that have been jointly worn down and assaulted by a deadly combination of anomie, family fragmentation, disconnection and separation from land, hearth and “homeplace”, and from community resource and sensory deprivation leading into grief and mourning for the lost dream of the past or of a future, all soon leading to a rapid decay of the resolve to strive and fight, soon obliterating all will and resistance against depression, decline, and disease.

Sound familiar?

Sound like aspects of the leaked reports and descriptions – coming from medical professionals – on what they had treated, witnessed and seen in Nauru, and upon Christmas Island?

The imprisoned, “concentrated” Boer farming families of old men, women and children soon started dying in their thousands – and it remains one of the darkest stains on all British and colonial and imperial history.

So what is worse?

Murder by the noose, blade or bullet brining a more visibly swift and sudden physical death and then quick decay of the flesh?

Or that invisible-at-first – but soon sensed, seen-in-the-face, and then heard and felt – slow internal decay of pride, hope and self-belief: a slow-dying and declining sense of all self-worth and of a will for life, one whose downward-sliding spiral will parallel and accompany a similar slow decline down into despair and death of the human soul and spirit, all coming, eventually, in the back-shade, wash and wake of an extended bout of imprisonment accompanying an extinction of all and any hopes and dreams for freedom of choice and a liberty to live, work and thrive, in a fair,prosperous and free future?

I call the Australian government’s offshore island imprisonment policy a set of acts creating places for concentration camps because that is exactly what they are: camps which concentrate and confine that human liberty in freedom of choice and movement in work and travel: camps which ensure that the human mind, hopes and spirit of those – who remain incarcerated – are left to decline, decay and then die slowly- from the inside out – as the stolen hopes of their human spirit start to wane and wither, and then rot away.

What has been done and that which is now still going on – with all offshore detention camp acts, agencies, outcomes and policy – is nothing short of inhumane, immoral, and criminal.

What we are seeing, taking place – with regard to Nauru – is the very worst form of Cold War perversion and corruption of all democratic human values and principles: all being done in the name of an outcomes-based policy which pursues cruel, cold, inhuman, soul and spirit destroying ways and means, all done, supposedly, to stop the exploitation of boat people!

The sheer, hateful, hypocrisy of the shoddy, shameful justifications of that utterly cynical claim – as given by the government, in our parliament, as reason and justification for pursuing a totalitarian form of continuing offshore imprisonment policy, would be utterly breathtaking, were it not something which makes any decent human being feel disgraced and ashamed of our own nation and national leadership.

What the government is saying right now, and has said, so often, so clearly – in the recent past, is this:

“As a warning and a lesson to all possible future boat people voyagers, profiteers and traffickers, let the now incarcerated victims of such trafficking suffer – first and foremost – the visible consequences of our offshore removal policy, one adopted as a “no gain or profit” message and warning for all future would be traffickers, as well as vessel voyagers.

“Let those who have come- last, and more lately – in turn become the ever suffering first line targets and examples of this policy.”

“Let those who have undergone dangerous, fearful, open-sea journeys in cockle-boats and unfit vessels – always at risk of danger and\or death from either piracy or by drowning, exposure and starvation – suffer still the full first effects of this policy, just as they have suffered, already, the ever-present risk of extortion, theft, rape, threat and abuse, feared or encountered, in transit.”

“Let them survive such mortal fears and horrors only then to experience, endure and suffer a mentally degrading and distressing torture of disenfranchisement, denial and dislocation, for an unspecified period of sustained confinement and absence of all fair rights of freedom of choice in abode, movement, work, and travel.”

“Let them, then, also suffer – most slowly – from an exquisite, drawn out, perpetual kind of not-directly-physically-abused, but, rather, a mentally, spiritually and psychically-abusive form torture, though coming to know, feel and see defined – within the surrounding fences or walls and imprisoning shores of the island that confines their freedom to move – a dawning understanding that they remain stuck, while being nowhere, remaining trapped in a kind of hideously constant, daily-waking nightmare-reminder of being left powerless, hopeless, stateless, and without any kind of known, definable, near or distant promised civic right or future.”

“Let them suffer and be tortured, as well – again so slowly and insidiously, and without any first early visible forms of direct physical or bodily abuse – an unseen, creeping, at first hidden but ever-ongoing and emerging, ever crystallising and crippling sense of their own sagging loss of hope for freedom of access to those new-land, new-life dreams that first drove them to face so many risks and dangers: dreams that they will then, subsequently – as a result of our policy – slowly begin to see shall continue to be denied and deprived.”

“Let them suffer, finally – as the ultimate working action and quietly desired outcome of our offshore boat-people imprisonment and detention-to-decay policy – that ultimate loss of all sense of any human dignity and self-worth, as shared and expressed within their slowly eroding future-hope for liberty of soul and spirit – all being ground down to destruction, though the reduction of outlook, the redaction of optimism, and that torture of the heart and mind that is felt and suffered in the slow, ongoing deprivation-based decline and loss of faith and belief in all possibility of any kind of freedom and security coming, in a foreseen near-present or even distant future life.”

“Let all of that then be the ultimate point, purpose and inevitable human cost and outcome of our offshore-prison-policy, a policy that is aimed still – despite all present knowledge and future expectation of massive, ongoing, collateral human damage – directly at stopping all future boat arrivals of seaborne refugees and traffickers.”

Let us sacrifice, knowingly then, therefore – enough of those who have come, to make a sufficient point and example – in order to stop others coming, in the future.”

Above is what our elected Australian government is stating and saying – with regard to boat-people policy – both directly and indirectly, as well as inadvertantly.

These are the either stated or unstated means, aims, ways and desires which lie behind and within all of the deceitful, duplicitous, disgraceful parliamentary lies, deflections and defiance now passed off as legitimate policy statements, policies now turning this nation’s leaders into a rotten, lost, lousy, morally-corrupt and ethically-bankrupted gang of criminals citing supposed longer term “no trafficking” outcomes as their entire justification and defence of acts and policies that have devastating mental and psychic impacts on people whose only act or crime was to dream of a better future.

All of that rancid, rotten, repugnant migrant imprisonment-policy-filth now makes me feel just so diseased – as an Australian – so corrupted and contaminated does one’s own soul and spirit now feel, in being tainted by association – being Australian- with the foulest, lowest, most despicable acts and policies of those ministers responsible: those who signed their names and who stamped their souls in supporting cabinet decisions made and carried out by our own Australian government.

This shameful, horrible, ongoing nightmare of the whole offshore seaborne migrant-denial policy just makes me feel so downcast and diminished, just so utterly ashamed, right now, – to be an Australian, in such diabolical times – as all such acts of this kind are being carried out, so coldly, and with such low, slow, cynical, smiling-cruelty – all in my name, and in your name, as Australians.

It is all just so entirely evil and arrogant, so deviant from all of our former best democratic precepts, rights and oft-stated principles – of liberty, freedom and equality – that is has become utterly demoralising now, for this writer, in this times – to be an Australian.

We are supposed to be living in a so called free and democratic “fair go” nation.

This is not, now, the country that I grew up in, fifty years before, loving and liking.

It is not a nation that I am able – anymore – to admire, invest and believe in.

It is not that nation into which I once placed such bright, shining, youthful hopes for our own future world leadership, in teaching and upholding international human rights and values.

I grew up, not blind in my hope, but, nevertheless believing in a better more worthy future for this nation, even though I grew to maturity as one who had also suffered from the crueller taunts and physical acts of others, being a target of those who felt the need to inflict hurt or harm which might somehow help alleviate their own fear of change or difference.

I grew, however, still daring to dream that the many crimes and cruelties committed against the first Australians and against those of different race or gender, or of different sexual orientation or religious belief, of different origin or cultural background, or of just a different outlook, personality or appearance – all would be admitted, and redressed, within my lifetime – to be repaired and corrected, and in being compensated for – as best as maybe – in a new era of a bright new hope for reconciliation, recompense, acknowledgement, and forgiveness.

I grew up – believing in this nation – believing in a coming fair and principled-people, a society and state whose governance would reflect the very finest, world’s best practice and pursuit of the very best and bravest acts and principles of universal humanity, of the rights of all to be able to live within a fine, fair and just nation and community.

But I have lived, too long now, it appears: in outliving all such dreams.

I have lived to witness my own once-beloved country become a pariah state, a nation now shamed by what has been done and is still being done – in its name, in our own name, and to all of our shame – acts of slow pernicious cruelty being inflicted upon helpless, hapless, innocent people whose only non-crime was to dream of a better future for their families.

I feel personally disgraced, diminished by, and ashamed of what our government agencies have done to migrant families.

What had these people done or deserved: to be thus shuttled off and then shut away – put out of hope and sight and mind on offshore prison islands, and in camps – merely because they braved a dangerous sea journey while hoping and holding in their heart ideas of a better place to go to, for a better, fairer, kinder, safer place to find?

I once saw this nation as a land of smiling hopes being shared by a free and generous people- upholding and keeping-dear – their all-Australian belief in an equal chance of peace, prosperity, and opportunity, for all, within our most fortunate, wealthy land, society and community.

I have lived now, I can see, for far too long, for I have lived to see such such low cut smiling kinds of sunshine-lies and dismissive deceit just tossed off and away from any real attempt to hold to account and to confront the truth – in the parliament – questions answered with with smug, trite, contemptible little whoops and quips coming in reply to fair and rightful questions put but which are then shrugged off, as those responsible condemn and then ship away the innocent.

I have lived too long, to see, from this land, refugees being hunted down, rounded up and then shipped off – just as were the Jews and unwanted minorities were once forcibly shipped, to extinction – in past evil times.

I have lived too long ,to be a citizen of this fallen, now contemptible little nation lugging and dumping families, offshore, with innocents being then condemned to a form of mind and soul oppressing, utterly callous, civil-barbarism being carried out by – or on the behalf of – our own elected government.

It is brutal, ruthless, and barbarous.

it is an assault upon the minds, souls, hearts and spirits of those that we keep locked away – out of sight and conscience – behind walls and fences, or contained upon a prison island, all in our own nations name, and at the behest our own, weak, disgraced, most contemptible leaders.

If it was up to me – and at all within my power – I would have all those involved charged and hauled before the world court, at the Hague: I would have all responsible for such crimes against humanity put before an international panel of judges, and tried.

I would have the whole sorry lot of them indicted.

I would send, for committal, every single prime minister, cabinet minister and immigration minister, past and present, Liberal or Labor – who has either voted in favour of, or who has overseen the implementation of – this shameful, sinful, offshore-boat-people-concentration camp-policy.

We – the Australian people – must must now put all of our elected representatives on final notice.

If not now, then, soon – in the coming years – those in government who instigated, signed off on and supported acts and decisions leading to the creation of shamefully dehumanising offshore camp detention of innocent boat-people, must all be brought to book, and held accountable.

They must be charged, and tried, for many most callous, cruel, egregious acts of unwarranted, immoral, physical deprivation of freedom, justice and hope: they must be tried for crimes against humanity.

*Paul Healy writes that he is: “A poet, writer, and social and political commentator who once had the heads of three different university faculties – all at the same time – sharing their best scotch, after hours, discussing the best path forward, for his Phd, each to be written under their own departmental aegis. They all missed out when the sudden, most surprising love of a beautiful woman led him – most sanely, and eminently more sensibly (in pursuing a longer term mental survival) to an equal love of the land, of heirloom poultry breeding, and of organic farming and food growing. He then fell – quite by accident – into the easy, smiling arms of the press, writing his weekly “Good Earth” column for more than twenty, mostly-muse-wasting-years, of serving that most vile of all inexcusable masters: the self-censoring, weekly, mortgage-meeting sinecure.”

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  1. Rob Halton

    November 3, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    Peter Bright, you might be surprised but the Barry Greenberry files are available to the public. McKim should lie low and never ever write his memoirs as it could raise a storm!

    McKim knows too well he vacated the Tasmanian Parliament to stave off those controversies of his past, and to be elected to the softer life as a Green’s senator at a Federal level.

    Peter, if he wants to get too cocky he might find himself in hot water.

    In the meantime he can hide away. PM Morrison is doing the right thing and getting the children off Nauru. It does not need a sidewinder like McKim to take it to the UN just for pouring scorn on Oz and the Morrison government.

    Morrison gets things done and is quite capable of managing Oz’s affairs either at home, and generally on an international basis, too!

    • Peter Bright

      November 3, 2018 at 7:15 pm

      Robin, you have indeed surprised me. I’d welcome a copy of the Greenberry files that you say are available to the public. Do you have the relevant links handy?

      As I mentioned earlier, I have not heard Mr McKim’s side of the Greenberry matter, and as I assume much of it is confidential I suppose we won’t. I therefore refrain from judgement.

      My understanding, limited as it is, is that McKim was over-ruled by dark forces that still remain hidden, in which case it is you Robin, who might get the bigger and nastier surprise if you could demonstrate fairness.

      Your rosy opinion of Mr Morrison, Australia’s opportunistic unelected Prime Minister, is erroneous.

      Mr Morrison is, in my opinion, a glib chameleon lacking substance and character, one who has let himself become an agent of those unprincipled devils on the so-call “far right” of Australian politics.

      Malcolm Turnbull did the same, and that was a whopper mistake because anyone who sups with the devil will, sooner of later, become an item on the devil’s own menu.

      Malcolm was spat out because he refused, to his credit, to be used as another mindless servant of that wretched “far right” whose insane policies are wrecking the planet, and those tiny, tormented human insects so dependent upon it for survival.

      Many Brazilian donkeys have just elected a “far right” wild gorilla as their President, and this at a time when, for survival, all humanity must turn left – or else.

  2. Peter Bright

    October 30, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    Robin, politicians in general can usually say whatever they like — unless constrained by certain oaths of office demanding unconditional secrecy.

    We have not heard, and probably never will, Mr McKim’s side of “the Greenberry Matter.”

    Mr McKim was obliged to do his best in the relevant circumstances of the time. I think it most likely that he did just that. He might still be holding strong feelings about what he wanted to do, but was not permitted to do. You and I know almost nothing of what goes on behind the scenes. We’d surely be shocked and dismayed if we did.

    Until we know more, perhaps much more, it would be wise for us to withhold judgement.

    What I do know is that Mr McKim is a passionate Green for all the right reasons.

    Humanity is in destruction mode, and the Greens well know it. They can only be empowered by the popular vote, but in a mesmerised and thoroughly deceived community of uncaring non-thinkers, it’s not forthcoming.

    I assess the state of humanity, and its worthiness, by the percentage of the vote that the Greens receive.

    Just the fact that the Liberals hate him tells me, in that alone, that Mr McKim a good man.

  3. Rob Halton

    October 30, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    Peter, I am of the opinion that if McKim had stuck by Mr Greenberry during his period of utter despair with the “Tasmanian way” then the outcome would have been far different!

    You know as well as I do how hard it is for a qualified Pom to come to what is really still Van Diemans land and try and manage social change.

    There are good Poms, and I have met a few. It takes time mate, to get to know who is worth their salt! We had a number of them in Forestry back in the 60s and 70s. The few that were accepted by us were really good community foresters. The remainder spent their working life in Tasmania as if they were still developing working plans for medieval Northern European forests, as they would have been trained for that in the UK.

    It remains a fact that McKim failed at the time to provide sufficient support for Mr Greenberry’s expertise in prisons system reform!

    I doubt by the next Federal election that McKim will be re-elected to the Federal Senate as the Greens are on a slippery trajectory downwards. It will be the MHR Independents who will guide the Morrison government during its remaining term, and probably for whoever is elected after next election.

    God help us if it is Shorten. No, that is not possible.

  4. Peter Bright

    October 30, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    Robin, you are SO ignorant!

    When the prison management kerfuffle began those years ago I wrote to Mr McKim recommending that a new manager be imported from overseas because Tasmanians didn’t have the intelligence to do the job properly. I suggested that Britain and Canada might be the best potential sources.

    Mr Greenberry, with his experience, advanced ideas and excellent references, was hired and he commenced duties as Manager at Risdon prison.

    The prison staff could not accommodate his advanced ideas, and his implementation of them, just as he was hired to do, enraged them. Mr Greenberry had upset their cosy system of gain and exploitation at public expense. It was decided to make life difficult for him. In brief, he was treated unfairly and unjustly.

    Mr Greenberry left Tasmania with a payout which would not have been provided had he done wrong. In effect, Tasmania’s Neanderthal mentality had expelled him. This is a much practiced specialty of simple home grown Tasmanians in positions of power.

    It seems the abhorrent Tasmanian treatment foisted onto Mr Greenberry had a depressing effect on the man and his career: http://kingsolomonstemple.homestead.com/Memorials/BGreenberry.html

    Robin, your evaluation of Mr McKim is extremely mean and quite wrong. From the Web …

    “Astroturfing is the attempt to create an impression of widespread grassroots support or ridicule for a policy, individual, or product, where little such support or ridicule exists. Multiple online identities and fake pressure groups are used to mislead the public into believing that the position of the astroturfer is the commonly held view.

    Astroturfing may be done to secure a reward from those willing to pay for the astroturfer’s public Web support, or his faked derision.”

    You persistently make it nauseatingly obvious that you support the Liberals and detest the Greens. The Liberals have access to money, and they HATE the Greens.

    You say “Mr McKim has no decency when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues” but I experienced just the opposite, every time, when seeking his support in relieving the continuous suffering of a mentally handicapped prisoner.

    An extremely sensitive and harmless soul, it took only six months for the Tasmanian judicial system to kill him in a process I term Murder by Suicide.

  5. Rob Halton

    October 30, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    Peter Bright, I understand that Risdon Prison had adopted the reform measures of Barry Greenberry anyway.

    What eventually happened to Mr Greenberry after his arrival back in the UK is something that the thoughtless Nick McKim will have to live with for the rest of his life!

    Don’t ever, ever trust McKim when it comes to reforms. He has no decency when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues!

  6. Wining Pom

    October 30, 2018 at 11:03 am

    I wonder what would happen if white South African farmers turned up on a boat …

    • Christopher Eastman-Nagle

      October 30, 2018 at 2:08 pm

      They should get exactly the same treatment as anyone else. Policy is all about consistency.

      • Wining Pom

        October 31, 2018 at 5:35 pm

        They should indeed Christopher, but we all know they wouldn’t. They would be looked after by a nanny state.

  7. Chris

    October 30, 2018 at 7:42 am

    “Just to remind everyone, the German concentration camps were designed for ethnic extermination either immediately, or after systematically overworking the severely undernourished prisoners to death, “

    Death by a thousand votes where Dutton, Morrison and others condemned people without trial.
    Of course John Howard had his “solution”, too.

  8. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    October 29, 2018 at 10:22 pm

    I regard this kind of libertarian humanist blather as emblematic of the intellectual and moral decay of an entire strata of our community that, unfortunately for the rest of us, controls large slabs of our system of social administration and has done so since universities started spewing deregulators and privatisers out of their economics’ and humanities’ departments in the 1960s to colonise and bastardise our corporate and social infrastructures.

    To compare the Nauru boat arrival encampment with a concentration camp is the worst kind of hysterical ideological hyperventilation which either indicates a gross ignorance of how those camps operated, or a wilful smear.

    Just to remind everyone, the German concentration camps were designed for ethnic extermination either immediately, or after systematically overworking the severely undernourished prisoners to death, or as a result of beating to death/shooting them by one or several SS guards.

    The present Nauru and Manus camps are almost undoubtedly better places to live than virtually any UNHCR camps. The medical facilities are better or the same as those available to the locals. They can resettle in New Guinea or Cambodia. Asylum seekers are not entitled to pick and choose their destination. They are only entitled to asylum.

    All the heartbreaking baloney coming out of the humanist press and its constituencies on this issue is actually an ideological proxy war over the legitimacy of rules-based boundary enforcement and the rights of individuals over the collective good. And the bastards run the same wretched deregulatory and privatisation line across all issues, in line with their corporate cousins, with exactly the same devastating de-governancing results, whether it be managing the environment, or economic/social infrastructure.

    And the passions that have been aroused are much more to do with being challenged and thwarted on ‘their social administration’ turf, than the fate of their pawns on Manus and Nauru, because they have a very strong intolerance of insistence on orderly rules-based behaviour in favour of indulgence that congenitally cannot tell the difference between toughness and abuse, or rights and consumer entitlement, or freedom and disinhibition, or ‘fairness’ and exceptionalist special pleading.

    And no amount of failure in the application of their ideas seems to bother them one bit. The implosion of the post WW2 liberal ideological consensus is everyone else’s except theirs. The collapse of multiculturalism in Europe and the US doesn’t give our local dickheads the slightest pause for thought … other than to rush to the same result here.

    We have been saved from the European multicultural fiascos by a disciplined border policy that takes a lot of refugees, and a lot of others, from all over the world. We are very rapidly becoming a modestly successful multicultural society with broad support for that across the whole country, bar a few rural pockets. We want to keep it that way by keeping noisy idiots as far away from the levers of power as possible. Nobody still in possession of decent software between their ears wants the boats coming back under any circumstances.

    And if that means a few intransigents who prefer island life to resettlement in a third world country rot there for a few more years, that is a very small price to pay for a sane and sustainable immigration system that isn’t going to cause our descendants massive headaches … forever … because when multiculturalism fails, it fails permanently.

  9. Peter Bright

    October 29, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    Robin, if there was a market for the endless stream of pure tripe from your grossly overworked hooey machine, you’d be very wealthy.

  10. Rob Halton

    October 29, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Of cause Tony, McKim has already proved way beyond reasonable doubt that he is utterly hopeless as he did when Police Minister during the Premeir Giddings mess that engulfed both Labor and the Greens into uncanny parliamentary partnerships!

    One only has to look at the mess on prison reform when Barry Greenberry was appointed as Risdon Prison OIC. McKim
    Never bothered to support Mr Greenberry’s recommendations into prison reform, Mc Kim was to weak at the knees to foster the reform critical measures required to have the prison operating on a more effective style and reducing costs to the government.

    Mr greenberry quit after 5 months into his 5 year contract and was believed to have been agreed to br paid $500, 000 on his departure back to the UK . From what I have been lead to understand Greenberry was a decent man who tried to stop corruption within the prison system, to this very day little has been reformed!

    Mc Kim is a most peculiar bird not to be trusted as it turned out was the case as a Minister with various roles in the Giddings mess.
    With Education and Transport he was hopeless beyond being an expensive joke as no one believed him as he literally crawled between role plays with his experimentation at the public expense.

    Anyway the good news is Lambie is most likely to re enter the Federal arena as a Tasmanian based Senator knowing her record is well suited as a good all round fighter for the people as she is sincere and can be trusted that should be a good opportuntiy for us to vote her back in where she should have stayed.
    Give McKim the flick for good.

  11. mike seabrook

    October 29, 2018 at 1:58 pm

    tassie ( when its economy was stuffed) took lots of convicts when the local tasmanian elite could dupe/bribe the british government into paying the bills and more.

    tassie could do the same with these people if the feds pay up, so easy to dupe the feds – remember the magnificent invisible $50 million tassie fox. they could be housed and all housing, employment, medical, dental, education etc. expenses less expensive in tassie than in sydney/melbourne. surely less expensive for the feds than paying manus and nauru and all those leaches collecting fees.

  12. Alison Bleaney

    October 29, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    Thank you Paul, for writing this piece. These hell holes have been in place far too long, and deterring others by placing asylum seekers and refugees in offshore concentration camps cannot be condoned no matter how it is presented. We are all diminished by what has happened.

  13. Peter Bright

    October 29, 2018 at 9:08 am

    Robin Halton says ..

    “I don’t blame the Government for denying McKim the opportunity to go to Nauru, and then blab what he sees as the truth to the world media waiting to grip on Australia as the cruelest place on earth! Hey, we can do without McKim’s personal grudges with our Federal government.”

    Robin, Nick McKim has one of the finest and most humane minds in Parliament.

    Your blatant bias is wholly unjustifiable. The content of your paragraph as quoted above is utter tripe .. something of a cascading specialty of yours.

    In their mindless cruelty, those who show no mercy set themselves up for the same treatment.

    • Tony Stone

      October 29, 2018 at 12:29 pm

      “Robin, Nick McKim has one of the finest and most humane minds in Parliament.

      Your blatant bias is wholly unjustifiable. The content of your paragraph as quoted above is utter tripe .. something of a cascading specialty of yours.

      In their mindless cruelty, those who show no mercy set themselves up for the same treatment.”

      Peter Bright, you’re kidding of course. McKim has one of the lowest forms of intelligence available to the human race, no different to any other ideologue. His track record in Tas is a shining example of that supposed intelligence.

      For some reason ideologues can never see the true picture which all revolves around future outcomes, and so they jump on the bandwagon pleading for their masters to destroy the future of Aus as quickly as possible just so they can feel good in their ignorance of past history and the foreseeable future.

      Call me callous if you like, but my life experiences have shown me that no one of the god cult can be trusted, and already we see, worldwide, the results of allowing religious insurgents into countries which are not of the same deranged faction, or are secular.

  14. Rob Halton

    October 29, 2018 at 7:25 am

    I don’t blame the Government for denying McKim the opportunity to go to Nauru, and then blab what he sees as the truth to the world media waiting to grip on Australia as the cruelest place on earth! Hey, we can do without McKim’s personal grudges with our Federal government.

    Mate, I am more than happy that the Independents Wilkie, Sharkie, McGowan, and that newly elected Phelps woman plus the “Greens”, along with the generally useless Labor while under Shorten, plus a few breakaways from the Coalition, will be able to make the difference and convince the PM to actually close Nauru and probably all refugees will come to Australia.

    I’m of the opinion too, that the boats won’t reappear with the people smugglers from over the horizon. The risk of drownings at sea are now widely known, and the message is broadcasted here in SE Asia, and in the Mediterranean!

    It will be a credit to PM Morrison to change policy in this instance. So far, the man is a vast improvement on Abbott and Turnbull, and shows himself as the average bloke who was quick to establish trust with the masses and get around the electorates and make reasonably good decisions without any fuss and bother.

    I think what we have to do is to review overall immigration levels to coincide with sustainable population policy. No doubt we will hear more from the PM before D-day next March!

    • Russell

      October 29, 2018 at 4:26 pm

      “I don’t blame the Government for denying McKim the opportunity to go to Nauru, and then blab what he sees as the truth to the world …”

      Why? Don’t you like knowing or accepting truth and reality?

  15. Chris

    October 29, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Cry beloved country and let those Bathplugs be brought to Justice.
    Welcome to Paul.

  16. Russell

    October 29, 2018 at 7:05 am

    It’s a concentration camp, not an asylum refuge. And the hard-right Liberal Gestapo is overseeing it.

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