First published August 8

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, will join members of the Tasmanian Election Inquiry to call for an investigation into the conduct of the State Government in the lead up to this year’s election.

Information about the Tasmanian Election Inquiry is at

“The public needs to get to the bottom of what exactly happened during this year’s state election campaign,” Mr Wilkie said.

“Tasmanians expect the Government to be open and transparent, especially when public money is involved. But instead, whether it’s with poker machines, fish farms, the cable car or gun laws, the State Government has been conducting dodgy deals and leaving the public in the dark.

“It’s telling that the Premier wouldn’t even address the very serious questions that the Tasmanian Election Inquiry put to him in writing. No wonder so many prominent Tasmanians have joined this citizens’ inquiry.

“The sort of mischief we saw this year is reminiscent of a tin-pot dictatorship. We can do so much better and it’s outrageous that it’s been left to the community to shine a light on the way politics is done in Tasmania in 2018.”

A panel discussion will also be held tonight at 6:30pm at the Fern Tree Tavern in conjunction with the Australia Institute.

Authorised by Andrew Wilkie MP 188 Collins St Hobart

Download letter to Premier Hodgman … and his response …



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