The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania has today released guidance for community input for the sale of church property to fund Redress.

The guidelines allow for community feedback to request that a building not be sold, or that a building be transferred to a community group.

Dr Richard Condie, Bishop of Tasmania said “We welcome community members’ input in our decisions around the sale of property, and are keen to receive their input.

“In the interests of good process, we have extended the deadline for community feedback from 1 September to 1 October, to allow more time for community groups to consider their options.”

The Diocesan Council will take into account submissions addressing the significance of the place to the community, historic and cultural heritage, and the importance of the property to the wider Tasmanian and Australian community.

The consideration of these submissions is being overseen by an independent Probity Advisor, Mr Harvey Gibson of Wise Lord and Fergusson, to ensure the integrity of the process.

The Anglican Diocese is committed to survivors of sexual abuse, and providing justice, recognition and support to them through redress.

Funds raised from a levy on Parish and Diocesan investments, direct parish contributions, and 25% of the net proceeds of sale of church property, will be directed the redress.

Up to 65% of the balance of the proceeds of sale of property will be retained by local parishes for their work.

Dr Condie said, “I am pleased that many Parishes are thinking creatively about how to raise funds for redress, so that some significant property like churches may not have to be sold.”

The Diocesan Council will make final decisions about property sales in December.

Download guidance for community input …

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