The prosecution team in the long-running Sue Neill-Fraser murder case has dismissed new so-called fresh and compelling evidence, used as justification for a last-ditch appeal to overturn a 2010 conviction.

Crime scene investigator Mark Reynolds took the stand in the Hobart Supreme Court on Thursday with three reports that were critical of Forensic Science Service Tasmania’s crime scene and laboratory analyses.

Neill-Fraser is serving 23 years in jail after a jury decided in the original trial that she had killed her partner Bob Chappell on Australia Day in 2009 while aboard their yacht outside Hobart.

The prosecution argued that she had winched his body onto a dinghy and disposed of it in the River Derwent.

A murder weapon and body were never found.

Dr Reynolds prepared three reports on blood stain pattern and trace blood analysis as well as the the state of the winch and ropes on the yacht …

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