*Pic: For millennia, Aboriginal people have told stories about their country and culture. (Tom Till/Getty images)

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The songlines are an integral, yet elusive and complex, part of Aboriginal culture – the dreaming, Jukurrpa.

They tell the foundational story of Australia’s first peoples. So, how do you define, and understand, the songlines?

The National Museum of Australia’s “Songlines” exhibition seeks to do so, by tracking the Seven Sisters songlines, and telling this defining Australian story, using modern digital methods.

It is an ambitious project initiated by Anangu elders from the APY lands in central Australia, and led by senior Seven Sister’s custodians from across the central and western deserts.

Paul Barclay speaks to a panel of guests about the songlines.

Recorded at the National Museum of Australia on 16 November 2017


Alison Page – indigenous scholar; designer; award-winning creative.

Scott Rankin – writer; director; Creative Director of arts, Big hART

Curtis Taylor – filmmaker; screen artist; member, Western Desert Lands Aboriginal Council; crew/cultural liaison member of Emmy Award winning VR project, Collisions.

Margo Neale- Senior Indigenous Curator, Advisor to the Director, National Museum of Australia; adjunct professor.

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