Takarta air bags was in the news yesterday … I think the change by the ACC to compulsory recall justifies my articles last year (Listed Below).

However, not all is yet being revealed by our beloved watchdog.

All the new like-for-like air bags have a very high potential to be dangerous.

I occasionally drive one of the vehicles that in 2017 had like-for-like brought forward, in one case by a year. However both vehicles a few months later had the like-for-like replaced with safe TRW inflators.

This was under pressure from the owners on medical grounds.

Bottom line … these are safe alternatives to the like-for-like Takarta inflators. It is a question of how much pressure can be placed on the manufacturer.

One question arises … are the high up politicians are similar being quietly supplied with safer inflators?

*Kelvin Jones did his technical training in UK by a major electrical engineering manufacturing company in Power Engineering with Switch and Protection specialisation moving onto defence electronics commissioning RADAR and development of underwater weapons. TV Transmission. Field work and commissioning work on industrial electronics and transmission line carrier protection. Research in cellular and fibre optics communications. Field work on scientific, bio, and medical instrumentation with extensive work on Medical Imaging particularly CT scanners and Nuclear imaging.

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