A lot of the following properties are full of State and Commonwealth Government offices. I’m currently trying to find out just how much the Commonwealth and State Governments pay to lease office space in these buildings.

Trafalgar Building 110-114, Collins St…Nekon Pty Ltd..
22-26 Elizabeth St…….Nekon Pty Ltd
256 Liverpool St…..Stanrock P/L .
254 Liverpool St……Stanrock Pty Ltd
38 Barrack St…..Stanrock P/L
1 Franklin Wharf…..Newtown Rockets P/L
190-202 Collins St…..Sunset Rock Investments P/L
2-4 Salamanca Place…..Winrock Investments Pty Ltd
203 Channel Hwy, Kingston….AAD Nominees P/l
19-27 Argyle St……..United Specialists Managers P/L
2 Gordans Hill RD, Rosny Park……Cranbourne Properties P’L
51 Cattley St Burnie………Rockbros P/L

Nekon P/L is leasing the tourist side of the Salmon Ponds at New Norfolk. The site is owned by Inland Fisheries Services, a request has been sent to Jeremy Rockliff’s office asking for details of the lease and when it expires. Jeremy Rockliff is Deputy Premier, Minister for Education and Training, Minister for Primary Industries and Water, and Minister for Racing.

Smart business people always take full advantage of government grants as the table below shows. Total for four Tasmanian properties is over 1.3 million dollars.


Ask not what my country can do for me, ask how much money I can drain from my adopted country …

*Mal Graham has been a resident of Tasmania for 18 years; an avid newspaper reader, and is trying to figure out why those in charge of our money feel compelled to give it to a select few …