ABC Fact Check has asked Mr Abbott where the figures came from. His office directed the query to Environment Minister Greg Hunt, whose office is yet to respond.

How Mr Abbott can be so sure electricity prices will fall by 9 per cent and gas prices by 7 per cent from where they are today in the absence of a carbon price is questionable.

After a three-year campaign to scrap the carbon tax, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has wasted no time in preparing legislation for its final destruction. He’s demanding that the Senate pass it by Christmas.

In an effort to pressure the Opposition into capitulating, the Government says Labor is to blame for hefty household power bills. According to the Prime Minister, abolishing the carbon tax will provide instant financial relief to consumers.

“When this bill is passed, this Government estimates that power prices will go down by 9 per cent, gas prices will go down by 7 per cent, and that means that the average power bill will be $200 a year lower and the average gas bill will be $70 a year lower,

Mr Abbott said on October 15: electricity and gas prices will drop by 9 per cent and 7 per cent once the carbon tax is abolished.

It is interesting to recap now, while using the ABC Fact Check, on the scrapping of the Carbon Tax, and to reflect on the lying Liberals who bought our votes under false pretences.

They would scrap the ABC given half a chance.

Our Tasmanian Senators, under the leadership of the appalling Erich Abetz, are charged with protecting [I]Tasmanian[/I] interests – [I]not[/I] the interests of the Liberal Party. They waved the scrapping of the Carbon Tax through the Senate and this now costs our state $300 million dollars a year because they pushed a slogan based on a lie in order to get elected.

Further compounding this disaster is the effect on the poor in Tasmania, many of whom cannot now pay their ever escalating power bills.

Hodgie and his mates then blew all our water out of the dams in order to make up the money they had just lost, and as a result they stuffed up the cable project.

Will anybody ever call these lying bastards to account?

Naaaaaaaah – certainly not the Mercury or the Examiner.

Keep up the good work Lindsay! The dams must be nearly empty again but not a squeak out of our pollies – because it would lose them the election.

Remember the great Abbott’s utterance … “Climate Change is Crap” which is just another slogan that will bite the Liberals in the bum

Pokies and Porkies make good bedfellows in this, your Corrupt Tasmania.

*John Hawkins was born and educated in England. He has lived in Tasmania for 13 years. He is the author of “Australian Silver 1800–1900” and “Thomas Cole and Victorian Clockmaking” and “The Hawkins Zoomorphic Collection” as well as “The Al Tajir Collection of Silver and Gold” and nearly 100 articles on the Australian Decorative Arts. He is a Past President and Life Member of The Australian Art & Antique Dealers Association. John has lived in Australia for 50 years and is 75 this year. In two of the world’s longest endurance marathons and in the only teams to ever complete these two events, he drove his four-in-hand team from Melbourne to Sydney in 1985 and from Sydney to Brisbane in 1988.