I’m working on a letter examining the forthcoming introduction of time-of-use pricing via smart meters by the State Government’s TasNetworks and will be sending an individually addressed copy to all State politicians. There is a litigation angle which should perk their interest.

In the meanwhile see this article from Canada’s hydro state: British Columbia. This is EXACTLY the situation with Tasmania’s Hydro power and nothing is being said in the mainstream media about it. It is a price increase by stealth.

• Download Australian letter to Australian Energy Regulator on TasNetwork’s revised tariff proposal …


Dr Pri in Comments: Wireless “Smart” meters are not a smart way forward at all. They will further blanket the population with unhealthy microwave RF radiation which has proven ability to damage DNA and increase cancer risk (as confirmed by the National Toxicology Program of the NIH USA recently). Keeping the analogue meters is the safest way. Dr. Pri Bandara

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