First published November 23

Bored of the tedious cool winters in Tasmania? Thinking about packing up and migrating north? Well beware! New climate predictions are claiming that cities like Melbourne and Sydney will soon be experiencing 50 degree Celsius temperatures, and that the scorching summers, which occurred in 2015, will just be average by 2025.


Studies are showing extreme temperatures in Australia will occur even if the world meets its ambitious Paris climate change targets to limit global warming below 2 degrees.

Scientists have warned that with a global rise of just two degrees it will result in Australian days getting 3.8 degrees hotter overall.

Australia has just recorded the hottest early spring on record since 1911.


A study led by Dr. Sophie Lewis at the Australian National University, explains that if average temperatures rise, the distribution of temperatures will shift to extremes. These changes are likely to see Australia smash summer heat records more frequently.

Dr Lewis claims that this rise in temperature will have devastating effects on our already endangered reef. Even with less variability than land, the oceans can expect significant temperature rise, which will trigger another mass bleaching, and could see the entire Great Barrier Reef suffer significantly in the very near future.

Global warming impacts are not exclusive to just the environment. Extreme heat has killed more people in Australia than all of the other natural disasters combined.


Of course climate change deniers will continue to claim temperature rises are just spikes in the oscillating weather patterns, but meteorological records show that the exponential global temperatures are at a rising rate never unprecedented in earth’s modern history.

Meanwhile in Tasmania things are heating up as we head into summer. Alarmingly after a very dry winter over the east coast, the soil dryness index there is at the levels normally seen at the end of summer, hence the early arrival of active bushfires.

Australians, like the rest of the world, will have to accept the climate change scenario that is unfolding now, but if humans want to avoid major catastrophe then critical action is required.

Given the current trend of ‘head in sand’ conservative politics in Australia, changes to the way we will address global warming seem decades away.

*Ted Mead is convinced that climate change is a reality, and that urgent action is required if we have any hope of preserving our wonderful and diverse environmental, and most life upon earth. Ted claims that stopping the present trend of rising global temperatures is only the first step, the second will be to find a way to sequester the over saturated atmosphere and oceans of its CO2.

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