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First published November 19

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phil Parsons in Comments: Besides it being right to protect such a large area of rainforest, the southern cool temperate type, a study by the Cradle Coast Authority showed enormous economic benefit from a Tarkine National Park. The old parties have both tried the old failures to get the Tarkine to benefit the North West, forestry and mining. Neither are big employers …

ABC: Giant freshwater crayfish find prompts more calls for Tarkine forest protection

• max in Comments: Robin #65 … Gunns collapsing with total liabilities around $3 billion. It would be kindness to say Forestry Tasmania has been a total failure to the taxpayers of Australia. This disaster is still an ongoing train wreck. Explain how we got in to the wonderful deal with Ta Ann. Launceston and Hobart and just about anywhere in Tasmania covered in deadly 2.5 particulate smoke, the same smoke that firefighters are now giving cancer cover from. What about the rest of us?

Guy Barnett: FPA Annual Report